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Earth, air, fire and water: the elements. Cardinal, fixed and mutable: the qualities. These basic categories describe the signs of the Zodiac.

Father Sun Marries Mother Moon in Summer
The creatures of the Zodiac cavort in a loop through the sky that takes us from midwinter to midsummer and back again. We are used to thinking of them as starting with Aries the Ram and ending with Pisces, the Fishes. But there is another way of ordering the Zodiac that can help you to […]
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10 Things To Do With Mercury in Taurus
Mercury, which rules thought and communication, is currently in practical Taurus. This is good for everybody, because it means we have a real chance to get a few things done. You have until May 24, when we return to just talking about everything a lot. Mercury rules the hands, so do any tasks [...]
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Fire and Rain
Giant showers of caramel glitter, acid green parasols of fire, ruby red rain. And the real rain came in thin drenching sheets. And our faces shone in the light of thousands of falling stars, showers of glitter, flowers of burning light. Bonfire night. The wettest I can remember. Sun, Moon, [...]
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Shrinking Britain
Cometh the hour, cometh the man. George Osborne is going to be one of the most hated public figures of our time. But he can take it This afternoon George Osborne, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, gave the most important speech of his life – and maybe ours. Is this a full [...]
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Lady Gaga vs Madonna
Can you believe the shoes? Lady Gaga has finally sauntered onto my middle-aged radar by wearing that outrageous dress. Wow – it’s punk and glam rock simultaneously! She’s got chutzpah. Every generation has (at least) one – popstalala with ass and attitude. So it’s [...]
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  Ripe apples drop about my head;  The luscious clusters of the vine  Upon my mouth do crush their wine;  The nectarine and curious peach  Into my hands themselves do reach;  Stumbling on melons as I pass,  Insnared with flowers, I fall on grass. The Garden, Andrew Marvell  (1621-1678) [...]
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When it rains…
I’ve been looking at pictures of the Biblical floods in Pakistan, listening to the statistics – more people affected by this than by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. Is this possible? So I found a map and realised that the area being flooded is the Indus Valley itself, one of the [...]
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