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Astrology of Now: Angels, Ghosts & Other Worlds
There are other worlds. Of course there are. We are more, or less, aware of them. If you get down to cat-level and look between blades of grass, a new world opens for you, where a bug is sheep-size and orchids are trees, or look into the heart of an orchid and you are a […]
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The Hubris of Trump
Donald Trump has an important fixed star right on his Ascendant. It is one of the four royal stars, Regulus at 29° Leo. Here is what the medieval Italian astrologer Guido Bonatti wrote about the influence of Regulus on the Ascendant. “…this alone signifies that the Native shall be a person of [...]
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Not only was the news this morning sad, it was troubling, horrifying, grotesque, macabre — satanic even. I’m referring to the murder of the American hostage Abdul-Rahman Kassig and 18 unnamed Syrian troops by Islamic State. All were gruesomely killed for the camera, and the video [...]
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The Nebra Sky Disc
This mysterious disc is said to be the oldest known map of the heavens. Two nights ago the stars sparkled so fiercely above our house. Jupiter was a perfect, tiny orange disc, suspended between bright burning Aldebaran, the Watcher of the East, and Orion. The Pleiades were easy to see, a [...]
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The Lyre
It all started with this picture. The sculpture’s called Spring and I thought it was a pretty good representation of Lilith conjunct Sun in Capricorn. Lilith is, of course, all that is unmentionable and dark about the feminine. She is, among other things, the vagina dentata. I believe [...]
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Algol: Decapitating the IMF
Medusa, the snake-haired gorgon, turned men to stone just by looking at them. Some say she was enraged by her violation by the sea god. The only person to escape her fatal gaze was the hero Perseus, who used her reflection in his shield to aim the blow that cut off her head, which he […]
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Egypt: Your Enemy is in the Mirror
Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, assassinated in 1981. Astrology tells us that the assassination of President Anwar Sadat back in 1981 links to the current riots in Cairo. How so?Read on and find out.But let me begin at the beginning.I’ve just had some correspondence about national [...]
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