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The Black Moon Lilith, eclipses and the lunar nodes are all important pieces of the astrological puzzle

Astrology of Now: Journey Into The Heart Of The Night
Jean Marais as a modern Orpheus, in Cocteau’s visionary and beautiful movie of the same name. Someone said: “Bring the bodies upstairs.” The house I’m staying in is 300 years old with walls as thick as the span of your arm. The room I sleep in is as dark and close as a coffin. I […]
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Eclipse Notes: May 25th
May 25th sees the final eclipse in the Gemini-Sagittarius group that’s spanned November 2o1o until now. You can see it’s at 4° Sagittarius. In the way of these eclipse groups, it has overlapped at one end with Cancer-Capricorn and now it’s overlapping at this end with [...]
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Eclipses, Identity, Enslavement and Fairy Tales
Halvor kills the troll in Soria Moria Castle. “My name is Amanda Berry.” The first words she spoke after she crawled out of the house of her enslavement in Cleveland, Ohio were a statement of her identity. Amanda Berry is much more than what happened to her. Her decade-long [...]
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Astrology of Now: All Our Stories Are Big
Ribbons on a maypole Whenever I sit down and talk to someone about a chart, it strikes me afresh just how interesting and unexpected people’s stories are. Everyone’s life is not just one story but a whole necklace of tales threaded together by one soul. Those tales, of course, [...]
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Learning From Your Own History: Eclipses Part Two
Kali dancing on Shiva. Kali is associated with the North Node, Rahu, in Hindu astrology. Take a look at the comments on the previous post and you’ll see that readers have already come up with some telling examples of how eclipses across Taurus/Scorpio have worked for them in the past. [...]
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The Three Eclipses of Spring 2013: Part One
Gradually, the familiar golden ball slides behind a disc of silver. Birds fall silent, the air chills, for a moment the day is strange. Solar eclipse. A superseding, a complete annihilation.  Emotionally, in English anyway, the word eclipse contains a grain of fear. A black shadow, exactly the [...]
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Astrology of Now: Eclipse Pressure
This lunar eclipse today puts an enormous amount of pressure on the poor old Moon in Gemini. It’s as if all the bullies in the playground are standing in a semi-circle pointing an accusing finger at her. Just look at the chart (see below) and you can see that every planet except Mercury [...]
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Who Should Die And Who Should Live?
Where is Woody Harrelson when you need him? (as Tallahassee in Zombieland) My friend the doctor has some really hard choices to make. He told me this week that he’s having to write up the “Do Not Resuscitate” protocol for one of the care homes he visits. The problem is this. [...]
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Europe: When Bread Runs Out, Enter the Circus
About two thousand years ago, peace reigned across the Roman Empire. From Alexandria to the Hadrian’s Wall, all opposition had been crushed and people were able to trade, farm and prosper without fear of being molested by marauding barbarians. Meanwhile, in the bustling, wealthy, [...]
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Astrology of Now: Eclipse Energy
Race ahead during an eclipse like this chap in the film Stagecoach All of us, without exception, are on a journey of evolution and change. Sometimes the road is smooth and even, we roll along at a steady pace; sometimes we stop for a long, long time at a roadside cafe pausing perhaps to enjoy [...]
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Harry Potter and the Cycle of Destiny
Tomorrow is just one more turn of the wheel of destiny for the author JK Rowling and her creation Harry Potter. The final film in the series will premiere in London. Is this finally the end? The cycle of the dragon’s nodes features strongly in the publishing history of these books. This [...]
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News of the World: The Bitter End
Well, here’s a load of cobblers. The Romans had the Colosseum; we have the gutter press. Usually, it’s the evisceration of a celebrity’s private life that rouses the public’s bloodlust. But today, the News of the World, Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper, was [...]
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Eclipses: The Good News
Read too much astrology on the internet and you could really get the heebie jeebies about today’s eclipse. So I just thought I’d point out that an eclipse can be quite beneficial if you need some part of your life to change. Eclipses signify the end of something, which means they [...]
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My Own (Small and Rather Pleasant) Partial Eclipse
The Lizard, Cornwall You never know just how the movement of the planets is going to shape your day to day experience, no matter how much time you spend poring over ephemerides and reading reference books. Here’s what I mean. I’ve just been on the most gorgeous holiday with my [...]
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What Astrologers Are Saying About the Eclipse on December 21
I have to admit my heart sank a little when I looked at the chart for the Lunar eclipse on the solstice tomorrow morning. The poor little Moon! She’s all alone out there – opposed by  a firing squad of the butchest planets – Mars, Pluto, the Sun (and his henchman (in this case) [...]
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