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Signs of the Zodiac: Pisces, the Subtle Influence
A discussion of the sign Pisces on YouTube or on the podcast.  Is Pisces a shark or a whale? What’s the best way to handle that boundless energy?
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In the Key of Pisces: Nat King Cole
Nat King Cole… perfect phrasing, casual grace, immortal. Cole was an outstanding jazz pianist who just happened to be able to sing — to start with. Of course, it’s his gorgeous voice for which he’ll be remembered — and indeed he has a packed second house, which we might associate with voice, [...]
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Astrology of Now: That Eclipse Feeling and Some Politics
We are already into the energy of the eclipse on March 9. As soon as the Sun moved into Pisces, you may have felt it in your “waters”. Something big is giving way. It may feel like ice breaking under your feet as you crunch over a puddle that could turn out to be a well, or […]
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Astrology of Now: Equinox, Public Humiliation and Mercury Rx
I’m writing this just as the Sun approaches the celestial equator. It is the equinox, when night and day are perfectly balanced. We enter the sign of Libra today, which this year is already hosting Mercury’s retrograde. Libra is one of the four cardinal signs that open the seasons [...]
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On Pisces
Sadko In The Underwater Kingdom by Ilya Repin (Wikimedia Commons) From Tunisia to Elizabeth Taylor, you never know who you’re going to swim past down there in the blue, blue sea. With the Sun still in Pisces, visit or revisit these OA posts on or about the sign of the Fishes. A Fortnight [...]
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The Sun is a pilgrim on a year-long journey that begins where it ends and ends where it begins. It’s a cycle, of course, and a spiral too. And within that solar cycle — above and below it perhaps — are the cycles, longer and shorter, of the planets. Especially there is the [...]
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Father Sun Marries Mother Moon in Summer
The creatures of the Zodiac cavort in a loop through the sky that takes us from midwinter to midsummer and back again. We are used to thinking of them as starting with Aries the Ram and ending with Pisces, the Fishes. But there is another way of ordering the Zodiac that can help you to […]
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Harry Potter Astrology: Hogwarts and the Four Fixed Signs
Ron (Pisces), Hermione (Virgo, obviously) and Harry (Leo) I’m afraid that my entire family is so gripped by Harry Potter frenzy that it’s quite hard to think of anything else. We started reading it together last winter and now we’re are just finishing the sixth book. If ever [...]
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Egypt: Your Enemy is in the Mirror
Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, assassinated in 1981. Astrology tells us that the assassination of President Anwar Sadat back in 1981 links to the current riots in Cairo. How so?Read on and find out.But let me begin at the beginning.I’ve just had some correspondence about national [...]
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Hear the lion’s roar
The Sun’s gone into the sign of Leo now. It’s full summer, the time of the Lion, as hot as it gets in the Northern hemisphere. Leo is a fire sign of course and its ruler is the Sun, by far the brightest thing in our solar system. No wonder Leos have a reputation for […]
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Cork that gusher – yadda yadda yadda
My mother phoned up this morning to tell me that she had her very own gusher staying with her – in the form of a dear friend who talks a lot. He’s lovely but he chatters so much that she feels as if she’s drowning in a sea of words. I happen to know he’s […]
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