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Aquarius: a sign associated with engineers, collaboration, vision, civilisation …. and cross dressing. Delve into the world of water-bearer here!

Egypt: Your Enemy is in the Mirror
Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, assassinated in 1981. Astrology tells us that the assassination of President Anwar Sadat back in 1981 links to the current riots in Cairo. How so?Read on and find out.But let me begin at the beginning.I’ve just had some correspondence about national [...]
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Aquarius: Boys Will Be Girls
Dame Edna (aka Barry Humphries) (17 Feb 1934) Sometimes the pictures tell the story. Need I say more, my cheeky water-bearing friends? If you can find any more cross-dressing Aquarians, do tell me. Jack Lemmon ( 8 Feb 1925) in Some Like It Hot.   Eddie Izzard. You can always tell by  the [...]
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Astrology of Now: Fresh Starts
Winter aconite photo: Martin Olsson Wikimedia Commons On a crisp winter day, when the frost-rimed grass beneath your hooves crunches and the sunlight lies palely on green branches, and the air is still, think of the life waiting to burst out of the earth, think of the sap in the tree, think of [...]
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A God for Every Sign – yay
I find reading old astrology books a very good way to get to sleep. Dane Rudhyar is marvellously soporific. I hope some of it will filter into my dreams, and be reborn as a brilliant insight. Last night I turned to CEO Carter, who is an old stand-by in the wee small hours. And in […]
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