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Astrology of Now: Pour Some Sugar
The mistress of love and harmony, Venus herself, is usually pictured reclining, either ready for love or just finished.  The power of the goddess subsumed into the erotic fantasies of generations of artists and patrons. The goddess of love diminished into an object of desire. Her astrological [...]
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Astrology of Now: What The Venus Have You Invested In?
“This day prov’d as favourable to our purpose as we could wish, not a Clowd was to be seen … and the Air was perfectly clear, so that we had every advantage we could desire in Observing the whole of the passage of the Planet Venus over the Suns disk: we very distinctly saw an […]
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Astrology of Now: Coming Up For Air
Ophelia by John Everett Millais. We’ve been deep in the dark waters of Scorpio lately. You may have been diving for pearls, but sometimes it gets quite hard to breathe down there – all that psychodrama can be suffocating. Breathe easy now. Venus slipped backwards out of Scorpio and into [...]
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