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The queen of asteroids – one of the brightest in the sky. She brings power and focus to any horoscope.

UK Elections: Ed Miliband & A Brief Explanation of the System
For readers outside the Britain, here’s a quick summary of the British general election campaign. Voting is on May 7 (tomorrow). For most of the last couple of hundred years, voting in Britain has boiled down to a choice between two parties. Since WW2, that choice has been between Labour [...]
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Astrology of Now: Jupiter & Juno 2
The rulers of Olympus, Jupiter and Juno will be exactly conjunct on May 17 at 14° Leo. This puts the royal couple in the royal sign together for the first time since 1966. But already they are just a few degrees apart. This is a very significant energy throughout May and into June that will [...]
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Astrology of Now: Juno & Jupiter
Zeus & Hera were the ruling couple on Mount Olympus, but they weren’t always the happiest pair. Their rows were, naturally, epic — and caused all kinds of problems for us humans crawling around on Gaia’s skin. Those Greek myths, at least the ones we still know, focus on [...]
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Conscious Uncoupling: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin
The rest of the world divorces, separates, splits up, breaks up, calls the lawyers, tears each others eyes out; film-star Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin “consciously uncouple“. We may all roll our eyes at the (conscious or not) superiority of their announcement, [...]
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Mamma Mia: Queen of Pomegranates
Two temples to Hera at Paestum and one beautiful Persephone A couple of weeks ago, I walked around the ancient city of Paestum under a bright, broiling southern Italian sun. It’s a beautiful place. Buttery yellow temple columns reach into a cerulean sky, graceful umbrella pines and [...]
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Balancing The Masculine and The Feminine
Shivashakti – male and female energies combine in one body. The asteroids – Ceres, Juno, Vesta and Pallas, named for four of the great goddesses of Olympus – were actually discovered before the outer planets Neptune and Pluto. But you wouldn’t think so, given the amount of [...]
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Astrology of Now: Are You Really Ready To Commit?
John and Yoko married on March 20,1969. It’s nearly February 29th, the day we laydeez are supposed to get down on our bended knees and propose. So it’s nice that Venus, the maiden planet, is in trousers right now, sorry that’s in Aries. And she is just reaching an opposition [...]
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Ireland and Britain: A Miserable Marriage Turns Into a Beautiful Friendship?
The Queen’s trip to Ireland this week shifted Anglo-Irish relations a lot closer to normal. The relationship between Britain and Ireland has often been like a bad marriage: with Britain in the role of abusive husband. He loves her and he hits her. He can’t understand it when she [...]
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Valentine’s Day, Aquarius and the Goddess of Marriage
I’ve always thought it more than a little ironic that the day of the year designated for lovers is February 14. After all the Sun is in Aquarius – and Aquarius, as we all know is cool, calm, friendly, intelligent, rational. But passionate? Romantic? Heart-broken? Love-struck? Frenzied? [...]
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Jupiter and Uranus: Last Tango in Pisces
Shade and Darkness – The Evening before the Deluge. JMW Turner 1843 A wall of water ripped through inland Australia tearing up trees, tossing cars and buses like flotsam, swamping houses and taking lives. Today hundreds of Brazilians died in muddy landslides caused by torrents of rain. In [...]
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Royal Wedding Astrology: Juno Lends a Helping Hand
Here’s great-great-great (oh forget it) granny Victoria getting hitched to Albert. Juno (discovered in 1804 but largely ignored by astrologers until fairly recently) is the asteroid associated with marriage – and she’s an obvious place to look if you’re thinking about [...]
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A God for Every Sign – yay
I find reading old astrology books a very good way to get to sleep. Dane Rudhyar is marvellously soporific. I hope some of it will filter into my dreams, and be reborn as a brilliant insight. Last night I turned to CEO Carter, who is an old stand-by in the wee small hours. And in […]
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