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Astrology of Now: Talk Dirty
A hot Venus-Mars conjunction in sexy Taurus plus cheeky Mercury; Sun moves into chatty Gemini and what do you get?
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Astrology of Now: Fred Astaire
Thanks to Aya for pointing out that Fred Astaire was born with the Sun in Taurus and Venus conjunct Mercury in Aries. The grace of Taurus and the athleticism of Aries! That’s what’s in the sky right now.
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Astrology of Now: Words of Love
My last post got lost in the Blogger inferno, so I’ll summarise it thus: Tell the people you love that you love them right now – do it, even if you’ve done it a thousand times before. Talking about love now will put you in tune with the universe. Mercury, the god of chit chat, […]
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Astrology of Now: One Wedding, A Funeral and Two Fairytale Endings
St George and the Dragon by Jean-Francois Sulpice. The soldier prince Mars married the queen of the May, Venus, last Friday. A monster was slain on Monday. How can these things possibly connect symbolically? The charts, after all, are very similar with a heavy emphasis on Aries opposing solo [...]
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Astrology of Now: Honour Thy Father or Else!
Riot police in Parliament Square.* The god Pluto wears a helmet of invisibility. Are you enjoying the ferocious fisticuffs between Mercury, Mars and Pluto? Speedy Mercury is thought and words and youth; Mars is war and action; Pluto – well, he comes like a shadow in the night, carries a big [...]
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Astrology of Now: The Future Is Not What It Used To Be
So it’s been seven years – May 2003 to be exact. What a lot has changed since Uranus, the planet of future forward, went into the final sign of the Zodiac, Pisces. Courreges, 1960s. Well, that was when we thought the future was shiny.Uranus was in Virgo, opposite where it is now. Seven [...]
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Astrology of Now: Coming Up For Air
Ophelia by John Everett Millais. We’ve been deep in the dark waters of Scorpio lately. You may have been diving for pearls, but sometimes it gets quite hard to breathe down there – all that psychodrama can be suffocating. Breathe easy now. Venus slipped backwards out of Scorpio and into [...]
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Astrology of Now: Get Ready to Catch the Wave
Hokusai’s Great Wave print (1831). Watch the wave. Water is pulled up into its belly. Some pushed forward from the ocean and some sucked backwards, pulled against the tide, across sand and shingle. The energy gathers. The wave grows – higher, stronger, faster – for a moment it seems to [...]
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