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Learn how to work with the energies of the planets in different signs, align yourself with the energy of the cosmos – and get your life flowing more smoothly than ever.

Eight Things To Do While The Sun is in Scorpio
It’s Scorpio time again — the “fixed” period of autumn. Fixed water: ice. Which says quite a bit about Scorpio itself, because ice is, of course, both beautiful and dangerous, delicious and special, wet and hard. Think about that…. Here are a few things you can do [...]
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10 (Fun) Things To Do While Jupiter’s In Leo
  It’s that time again. It’s been a long, lively 12 years since Jupiter, the planet named after the king of the gods himself, was in Leo, the sign of royalty, gold, the Sun, self-expression, glamour, drama and perhaps above all playfulness. It’s time to throw off that [...]
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11 Things To Do With Mars Retrograde in Libra
You still have until May 20 to use the energy of Mars, the planet of passion, retrograde in Libra, the sign of negotiation. This retrograde began on March 1, so we’ve had a few weeks to begin to see and feel how it works. Personally, I have noticed a surge in my vitality. I’m not [...]
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Things To Do While Jupiter’s In Cancer
The Princess and the Pea by Edmund Dulac. Here is the second part of Renée Lascala fresh look at Jupiter in Cancer. These ideas are not just for those of you who have planets in Cancer. All of us should honour the king’s visit to the sign of the Crab.   Jupiter’s 2013-14 visit to […]
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Six Things To Do With Venus in Pisces
Ursula Andress – Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn in Pisces There’s an incredible amount of energy in the sign of the fishes this month, helped by the bicentennial transit of Neptune through the sign. Neptune is joint ruler of Pisces, along with Jupiter, but since he comes so seldom, [...]
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4 Things to Get Right With Saturn in Scorpio
October by James Tissot, who was born with Sun Libra, Saturn and Mercury in Scorpio. Saturn moving into Scorpio represents a major energy shift, and it’s time to apply some astrological knowledge instead of just theorising about it. Saturn likes rules, boundaries and organisation, so [...]
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8 Things to Do While Venus is in Leo
The Bather, Ingres.He was born with Venus in Leo and Sun in Virgo. This picture combines Virgo mastery of technique & perfectionism with Leo luxury. The planet of beauty is in the golden sign of Leo, what could be more luxurious. Here are some suggestions of how to make the most of this [...]
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10 Things to Do With Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius
Ahh bless him. Revisit David Sshwimmer (Nov.2) and his Friends Oh my goodness – I do try not to get in a fritz about Mercury Retrograde. Indeed I laugh in the face of the doom mongers telling you not to move a muscle for weeks. But… Here’s what has happened in the past week or [...]
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9 Things to do with Mars in Leo
James Bond (Daniel Craig) Mars, the god of war has emerged, dripping wet and sulky from the sign of his fall, Cancer. He’s ready to light a bonfire and roast some chillies on the hot beach that is Leo.Mars, of course, rules Aries, the number one fire sign, and as such is all about taking [...]
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11 Good Things to Do While the Sun is in Aries
Virna Lisi back in 1965   Fall in and out of love in a day Take up a martial art Have a very close shave – literally or metaphorically Take a risk Create some performance art Scream at the top of your lungs Tell someone what you really think about them Dig the garden – […]
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7 Good Things to Do While the Sun is in Pisces
In this country we’ve had one of the longest, gloomiest winters I can remember. Right now spring flowers are bursting out, but it’s into a grey, cold world with tupperware skies and a biting wind. Low Tide by Renoir (b. Feb 25). Astrologically it’s a changing time; that is [...]
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7 Good Things To Do When Mercury Retrogrades in Capricorn
Take a leaf out of Rodin’s notebook and have a little think. Here’s one of the simplest ways to use astrology: work with the energy of the retrogrades. So hurray, Mercury retrograde is here again, so it’s time to re-think, re-evaluate, review and renegotiate. This time [...]
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