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Lilith 2020
In a few days time, January 27, Lilith, that strange mathematical point in the sky — an empty space, an idea, a void? — shifts into the realm of Aries, where she might burst into flame.   Her first contact will be Chiron, the centaur who weaves the outer and inner planets together, [...]
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Australia’s House Is On Fire
Baking winds, sulphurous skies, raining cinders, the roaring; the trembling air, the red smoke, giant tongues of flame lashing the landscape, devouring trees and buildings. Fleeing animals, fleeing people, blankets of ash, a pall of smoke… The images of the bush fires in Australia have [...]
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Heavenly grrrl power!
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Brazil. Is the mother goddess giving a helping hand? In Brazil, Dilma Rousseff; in Australia Julia Gillard, who’s next? Are sisters finally doing it for themselves? Here’s what I think happened in the heavens that might give us a clue. On the [...]
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