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Your Monthly Podcast (Feb 19-Mar20)
Oh my!  We are deep into Poseidon’s watery territory this month. Watch out for the jellyfish and the sharks. On the other hand, look at those flashing schools of multi-coloured fish over on that coral reef, and some dolphins disporting themselves on those waves and a mermaid on that rock [...]
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Bowie Turns To Face The Strange
David Bowie must have known he was dying when he recorded ★ (Blackstar), his final album, released on his to birthday three days ago. It’s a privilege to hear from this liminal place, the place between this world and the next, from such a great artist and poetic visionary. The title song [...]
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On Walt Whitman’s Birthday
… and on the subject of great American poets, it’s Walt Whitman’s birthday today. What a marvellous expression of the joyful Gemini soul. This is from the beginning of Leaves of Grass. Come, said my soul, Such verses for my Body let us write, (for we are one,) That should I [...]
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