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King Charles III: Full Moon in Pisces
In a country otherwise wracked by disease, pusillanimous politicians, climatic weirdness and economic storms, the smooth transition of power from Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III comes as a balm. With a magical Full Moon in Pisces conjoining mystical Neptune, we can dream big … at [...]
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The Mystery of the Missing Prime Minister
An odd feature of the current crisis — in this country — is the fact that the head of government has been missing for most of the time. Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed to take the pandemic seriously back in February, missing five meetings on the subject, taking two weeks’ [...]
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Lilith 2020
In a few days time, January 27, Lilith, that strange mathematical point in the sky — an empty space, an idea, a void? — shifts into the realm of Aries, where she might burst into flame.   Her first contact will be Chiron, the centaur who weaves the outer and inner planets together, [...]
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The Wounded Healer Steps Into Aries — and Back Out Again
This year, the asteroid Chiron is finally changing signs for the first time since 2010/2011. He’ll be spending his summer vacation stirring up a whole lot of aggravation in Aries, before slipping back into Pisces until next year. Chiron in Aries 17 April — 27 September 2018 18 February 2019 — [...]
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Terrorism, the Discovery of Chiron and Great Art
Chiron, the erratic asteroid that weaves between Uranus and Saturn, was discovered on November 1, 1977 on a photographic plate that had been taken on October 18. That second date might just ring a bell for you if you happen to be interested in contemporary art – because it’s also the [...]
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Astrology of Now: 23° High Voltage
If you have any planets between 22° and 24°, you should be aware that Mars is putting a tremendous focus of energy into this very narrow area of the Zodiac.. 23° specifically is highly activated because Uranus, the planet of electricity, surprise and lighting is at 23° Aries, and this is the [...]
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Muhammad Ali: Leo Rising
Self-named, self-invented, self-motivated, champion boxer Muhammad Ali was a modern embodiment of the archetype of hero. He was charismatic, strong, graceful, poetic in speech, courageous in deed. He spoke up for the millions and laughed at the powerful. He took his punishment squarely and [...]
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Astrology of Now: Overwhelming
Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces — September 17 Readers of the horoscope will know that the coming opposition between Jupiter and Neptune is the most important aspect this month, influencing this entire period into the next season and possibly the whole year.  For some [...]
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