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I’m fascinated by this Asian superpower and have written about various aspects of China – from the viewpoint of a Western astrologer, of course …

Food Shortages
My supermarket is a cornucopia –– shelves of fresh vegetables from Kenya, South Africa and Spain, glistening fruit, vacuum-packed meat (as far from the carcass as possible), smoked salmon from Scotland and Alaska, pimentos from Alicante, olive oil from Tuscany, yoghurt from Thessaloniki, rye [...]
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To understand astrology is to see patterns: geometry across space, cycles through time, patterns of behaviour or events. At the time of writing, a virus spreads across China, the president of the United States breaks that country’s constitution, locusts ravage East Africa, giant fires roar [...]
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The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction (2)
Some more ruminations on the conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, Ceres, the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn.
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Hong Kong
Hong Kong vibrates with people power: people working, thinking, talking, praying, eating, walking, haggling, hawking, kissing, cooking, spitting, stealing, fighting, laughing, buying and selling. Standing on the Star Ferry coming into Central earlier this year, I swear I could feel the [...]
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Happy Chinese New Year!
This is my piece for the upcoming issue of Infinity Astrology Magazine.  I’m writing this from a high-rise in the centre of Hong Kong, overlooking the dancing lights of Kowloon, which reflect and refract in the waters of the straits. It’s been quite a week here because we’re in the run up to [...]
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Astrology of Now: War or Peace?
No doubt about it: this is a tough and dangerous month. Here’s why. Mars, the planet of war, aggression, action and passion, is pounding his way through the sign of Capricorn. At the start of April, he contacted sombre, stony Saturn, sitting there in his own sign, and at the end of the month, [...]
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2016: The Year of the Maverick
Here we are at the dawn of the Year of the Fire Monkey and already the results of the New Hampshire Primary in the United States are telling us that this could well be the year of maverick. In Chinese astrology, the Monkey is just what you’d expect — clever, quick, a trickster, a [...]
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East Meets West — A View From China
My fellow blogging astrologer, Mitch Lopate, moved to China in March to teach at a business school. I asked him to send us the occasional pithy little anecdote to show us how his Western astrology is being received over there. He writes: So I’ve been teaching freshman English Reading [...]
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All Change: What Do China and the Vatican Share?
Pope Francis. More than half of the denizens of this planet have just had a new leader chosen for them. Two small groups of powerful people within two vast, and rather arcane institutions have voted in two new leaders on opposite sides of the world. President Xi Jinping We have a new Pope, [...]
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