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Playing Games With The Euro
“Rarely in modern times have we witnessed such a display of petulance and bad judgment by those supposed to be in charge of global financial stability, and by those who set the tone for the Western world. The spectacle is astonishing. The European Central Bank, the EMU bail-out fund, and [...]
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Yanis Varoufakis
For those of you curious to see the chart of Greece’s new finance minister, here it is. There is no birth time available, so I have drawn it for sunrise. Just briefly • Take a look at the nodes. SN conjunct Mercury in Pisces. (Wonder if there’s an ancestor in holy orders.). Brains [...]
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Greece’s Alexis Tsipras Dreams Big
Destiny, and the Greek electorate, have pushed Alexis Tsipras, up to Europe’s top table. He may be holding a weak hand, but it already looks as if he’s smart enough to play and maybe even win against bigger, richer, stronger, meaner opponents. Tsipras was sworn in as Greek Prime [...]
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Here — Archipelago of Dreams — is a post I wrote about Greece in 2011. The chart I drew up puts transiting Uranus, the disruptor, on Greece’s natal Saturn today. All change. And here is one about Europe. Believe it or not they are both quite relevant tonight as the left [...]
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So now it’s naughty little Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, which is giving the eurozone the screaming abdabs. Aphrodite is the Greek Venus, of course. In astrology, Venus rules money, so maybe it’s not such a surprise that Cyprus was, until a week ago, a great place to get your [...]
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Greece Again
If you missed the post I wrote about Greece and the European Union back in June, here’s the link.
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Greece: Archipelago of Dreams
The island of Santorini “In tempi come questi, la fuga è l’unico mezzo che rimane per mantenersi vìvi e continuare a sognare. In times like these, escape is the only way to stay alive and continue dreaming.” The Italian film Mediterraneo (1991), begins with this quotation from the [...]
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