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Saturn in Sagittarius: Part One
As Saturn, the reaper, slows to a halt before turning retrograde in mid-March, let’s pause to reflect what the transit of this great planet through the sign of the centaur means. In this post, I’ll look briefly at the past Saturn in Sag period to give us a handle on this one. Then [...]
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Dr Zhivago: Venus In The Midst Of Mars
Like flowers the ice crystals on the window sparkle in the winter sun, transform into a sunny field of daffodils. Spring. Early-morning, low sun between rows of straight, rough-barked pines flashes as the camera moves. Treeless, snowy, dead flat land with a horizon straight as a ruler. A [...]
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Astrology of Now: Coming Unstuck
We all know it’s been a right old spring so far, or should that be a rite of spring (a ballet which ends with a ritual sacrifice)? With Jupiter in Cancer, emotions have been huge, billowing things, like overfilled water balloons leaking all over the place. Then there were the eclipses in [...]
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Pussy Riot
Singing the cheerful refrain, “Holy shit, shit, God’s shit”, while parodying prayer in the sanctum of one of Russia’s most revered cathedrals, the feminist punk band Pussy Riot, managed to get right up the noses of the Russian establishment on February 21, 2012. The [...]
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