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I love the movies because they bring together art, theatre and music to explore our collective unconscious through storytelling. They are rich in astrological archetypes: read on and be inspired.

Madhuri Dixit: Living Goddess
Bollywood produces beauties by the bucketload. If you’re a leading lady in Indian popular cinema, there’s a look you ought to have – long smooth hair, pale skin, almond eyes. It goes without saying really, that your sexual charisma needs to be pretty volcanic. Since all the other [...]
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Astrology of Now: Fred Astaire
Thanks to Aya for pointing out that Fred Astaire was born with the Sun in Taurus and Venus conjunct Mercury in Aries. The grace of Taurus and the athleticism of Aries! That’s what’s in the sky right now.
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Lovely Elizabeth Taylor
Liz Taylor had glamour. Right up to the end she sparkled with magical, movie star enchantment. Neptune sprinkled her with stardust, but cursed her as well – with boozers, with losers, with no boundaries. She was such a Pisces. Look at those famous violet eyes. I’ll let you draw your own [...]
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Awakening Frankenstein
Boris Karloff in the 1931 film Frankenstein. In the summer I wrote a post about Dracula with some suggestions about which planets we could associate with the fanged one. I ended that piece by suggesting that Frankenstein might be associated with the planet Uranus. |’ve  come back to [...]
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Nobody’s Perfect: the astrology of Curtis and Monroe
Two kids from the wrong side of the tracks play pretend. Norma Jean Mortensen teaching Bernie Schwartz how to kiss – one of the sweetest scenes on celluloid. That great movie Some Like it Hot. still makes me laugh. Of course, Norma Jean and Bernie had blossomed into Marilyn Monroe and [...]
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Vampire Squid – Pluto vs Neptune?
I was taking a shower this morning with my five year old and she started to play a game about a “vampire squid” which was attacking us around the curtain. (Yes, apparently there is such a thing.) That’s a pretty scary monster, right. Well, it also seemed rather a good image [...]
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