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Seeing Pregnancy Through Ceres’ Eyes
Is this the most influential portrait of a woman from the 20th century? You wouldn’t believe it now, but way back in 1991, this cover of Vanity Fair showing the then highest-earning actress in Hollywood naked and heavily pregnant caused a storm of controversy. Why? Because some people [...]
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Call Me Venus
BB Some people are emblems of their Sun sign. These three women all have Libra Sun, but more than that they have Libra at a critical angle of the chart. Venus, the goddess of beauty, rules Libra. Catherine Zeta Jones Brigitte Bardot – Sun Libra, Libra MC Catherine Zeta Jones – Sun [...]
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The Goddess Lives
Happy Durga Puja! In some parts of the world, the goddess has never been denied. She’s never had to hide her identity, change her gender – and she’s never lost her power. In India, she’s alive and well and riding a lion. This week, Hindus will be celebrating the Mother [...]
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Venus and the Virgin
The Virgin at La Salette, France “MAY is Mary’s month, and I Muse at that and wonder why:     Her feasts follow reason,     Dated due to season—   Candlemas, Lady Day;         5 But the Lady Month, May, [...]
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Why Pallas Athena is the Astrologer’s Asteroid
Pallas Athene from the Temple of Aphaia c.500 BC One of the readers of this blog recently pointed out that pattern-recognition was a key component of astrology – and my tiny astrologer’s mind went click and then clickety click click. I got excited. Because there is an asteroid associated [...]
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Equal Rights for Goddesses?
As you know, there are seven heavenly bodies in traditional astrology. The boys – Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The girls – Moon, Venus. Five against two. Now does that seem fair to you? Does that even seem like life? Ceres, goddess of fertility, is sometimes assigned to [...]
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Nights of the She Warrior
She rides a tiger. A trident, a scimitar and a thunderbolt are among her favoured weapons. Yet she smiles and clasps a lotus in one of her ten hands. She is Durga, champion of compassion – one of the many faces of the divine feminine – Shiva’s equal, demon’s bane. And [...]
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A little girl names the dark lord
Hades (Pluto) Oxford is a small town with a famous university in the middle of England. But it’s much more than that too. It’s the centre of a web of influence that stretches forward and backward in time and across continents. This influence is intellectual and political, but also [...]
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When it rains…
I’ve been looking at pictures of the Biblical floods in Pakistan, listening to the statistics – more people affected by this than by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. Is this possible? So I found a map and realised that the area being flooded is the Indus Valley itself, one of the [...]
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