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Monthly Horoscopes
The horoscopes will be up on November 2.
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October Horoscopes
Matisse This October starts with a bang as the Libra Sun faces up to the Uranus-Pluto square. When the Moon joins the Sun on the 5th expect some surprises. Then there’s the eclipse on the 19th and the fact that Mercury is going to be doing some digging in Scorpio for two full [...]
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September Horoscopes
The goddess Ceres and the four elements. Jan Breughel Plenty’s rich queen, cheerer of fainting souls,Whose altars are adorned with ripened sheaves. Mercury to Ceres in The Cobbler’s ProphecyIt’s September, Virgo’s month, and the harvest is coming in. This year, the [...]
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August Horoscopes
This is the ceiling of the Villa Farnesina in Rome. The frescoes in the room tell the story of Cupid and Psyche. Photo is by me. We enter the month with the council of the gods still in force. All the planets are between 5° and 12°. Luna is currently in Gemini, but soon she […]
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June Horoscopes and General Overview
June begins with shift in mood for everyone. Mars, the planet of action, moves into Gemini, the sign of speed and communications. But meanwhile Mercury, Gemini’s own ruler, splashes into watery Cancer. These are the planet of luck’s last three weeks in the sign of the twins, and [...]
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May Horoscopes
detail from a painting by Alphonse Mucha Two eclipses and a Jupiter-Venus-Mercury love fest at the end of the month. May looks both exciting and rather delicious. To read your horoscope, click here.
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Monthly horoscopes: February
This month I’m focusing on how you can take advantage of Jupiter’s move into fiery Aries for a half-year sojourn. Click here for the scopes.
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December Horoscopes
It snowed here last night, blanketing the city in magic. I hope it heralds a beautiful holiday season. To kick it off, I’ve written you a December horoscope, which is intended to give you a bit of a foretaste of this month. I expect the shape of this horoscope to evolve over the year, [...]
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Newspaper horoscopes: should you bother?
Desire Dehau reading a newspaper by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1890). They didn’t have horoscope columns back then but it’s a nice picture. I wrote this a while ago for a pilot partwork, but I think it’s worth republishing. Every day in newspapers and on the internet, [...]
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