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These ancient stories and narratives provide some of the deep structures for our astrology today. When I read a chart, the mythology becomes real, relevant and alive.

Pluto in Aquarius: Connect or Disconnect
This year’s great cosmic shift — the move of Pluto into Aquarius — has already caused much hammering of keyboards, bursting of brain cells and copious words to be spilled across the internet. Here’s what you need to know. • Pluto will be in Aquarius from 20 January [...]
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Sedna’s Not A Sulky Selkie
A few days ago, my dear friend, Isabel Tifft, wrote to me with some of her thoughts about possible astrological meanings of Sedna, one of the minor planets beyond Neptune, discovered and named in 2003. I found what she said so fascinating that I asked if I could share it with you. I found it [...]
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On the Death of My Father
My Dad died at around 8.30am on July 31. His passing was pleasant, I’m told. He was in his own bed, in his own house. His carer came to find him, breezily calling down the corridor, and sailing into his room. Seeing he was still supine, she said his name, he replied, “Oui”, [...]
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The Angel of Death, Adonis and Anemones
Fresh green ripples across the land; the garden is filled with bird song. Yet Easter is a festival of death. Christ’s Last Supper was Seder, the annual dinner party at which Jewish people all over the world commemorate the Exodus. Jews remember the Angel of Death passing over their [...]
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The Asteroid of Love Stories, Fairy Tales and the Soul’s Journey
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in a country far away, a girl of breath-taking beauty lived with her family. Her two older sisters were “successfully’ married, to wealthy, middle-aged men, but her father was perplexed. Who was good enough to marry his darling youngest, [...]
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Astrology of Now: Refound Beauty
Sometimes the music of the planets is pure magic. On the news this morning: the discovery of a painting by the Renaissance master, Sandro Botticelli — a version of the famous Madonna of the Pomegranates which hangs in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. It had been considered a fake, but [...]
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Recognising Oshun
With so much power now in watery Pisces — Sun, Neptune, Mercury and the asteroid Vesta — maybe it’s a moment to pause and listen to a story about another watery deity: Oshun, West African goddess of sweet water.    
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Astrology of Now: Sharing Secrets
The god of communications, Mercury, and Venus, the planet of peace and love, meet a few times a year to catch up on some gossip and maybe even steal a kiss. These two usually get along well since much of the time they are either in the same sign or sextiling — at least by […]
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Juno and the Axis of Desire
This year Juno, the asteroid named after the goddess of marriage and commitment, will be spending a long time in Taurus, a sign associated with passion, desire, obstinacy and obsession. Taurus is, of course, the opposite sign to Scorpio — also a sign known for obsession, obstinacy and [...]
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Astrology of Now: It’s All About That Base
Between January 14 and 17, there will be so many planets stacked up in one corner of the sky, that you might expect the whole cosmos to tilt with the weight of them. Moon, Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Venus and the Black Moon Lilith will all be in the sign of the Goat-Snake, Capricorn. That’s [...]
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Were The Celts Astrologers?
The Heraklean Way, one of the most ancient routes in Europe, runs from the Sacred Promontory on the Atlantic coast of Portugal to the Matrona Pass in the Alps. It’s both a real road – you can still drive along parts of it today – and a mythical one, for it is said that the […]
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Falling Into The Mirror
Narcissus (detail) John William Waterhouse. When the hunter Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection, he was looking into a pool of water. Self-love is so much easier these days: we have mirrors. Even 200 years ago, if you were an ordinary person you might have seen your reflection in a [...]
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Astrology of Now: What Shall I Do Without My Eurydice?
Well, Mercury has begun his long walk out of the Underworld. Today he is at 2° Scorpio — only another 28° to go. It’s was a powerful retrograde, as you might expect when the planet of mind goes through the sign of depth psychology. Of course, Mercury is still in Scorpio until the [...]
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Guardian of the Gates of Hell – Ceres Two
The Return of Persephone by Frederick Leighton. Wikimedia Commons. Golden-bright Persephone, Demeter’s beautiful daughter, was picking flowers one day in the wide, scented valley of Enna in Sicily when Hades, the prince of hell, burst out of the ground and grabbed her and pulled her down [...]
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Castration, Rape and a Sharp Blade: Saturn’s Tricky Childhood
Saturn is the master of time and death I’m very excited to have my first guest here at the Oxford Astrologer. My friend and colleague Isy has very kindly agreed to share her insights into that old devil, Saturn. This is the first of a series on the subject. I think her background in [...]
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