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Book Review: Surfing the Galactic Highways
“Reading an astrology chart is an act of faith, for there is no good rational reason why any of it should work. Why should the position of the planet Mercury in the sky at the moment of your birth say anything about how your mind works? Or Venus say something about the kind of person [...]
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Book Review: Drive Your Plough Over the Bones of the Dead
If you haven’t read eco-thriller Drive Your Plough (or Plow) yet, you are in for a treat. I asked my friend Heather, astrologer & playwright. to review it briefly. Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk. At last a great story which dares to touch on astrology.  [...]
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Best Astrology Books According To Astrologers
New York Magazine asked me to name my three top astrology books last week for this article — a round-up of astrologers’ recommendations. Of course, this week I might choose three different ones, and I did assume that someone else would mention Stephen Arroyo and Linda Goodman, who [...]
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Stocking Stuffers for the Astrofan
                    It’s that time of year again, and I have had a shufti around the internet and found some astrowonders to stiffen even the floppiest stocking. Every year one or other couture house goes astrowild — and this year [...]
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The Book of Heaven
I have, beside my bed, a most delicious and strange book. It’s so rich and peculiar that I have found I can only dip into it one story at a time. Yet it is so delightful that I keep it there to pick up every now and then so that I can take my mind far, far […]
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Temples Of The Sky
I have been reading Deborah Houlding’s book The Houses, Temples of the Sky. It’s an excellent reference and should be on every astrologer’s bookshelf. Although Houlding is a traditional astrologer and her focus is on the horary and mundane, her research and ideas are relevant [...]
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The Luminaries
What would happen if you pieced a story together from 12 different points of view, using each of the Zodiac signs? For a start you’d end up with a great big doorstop of a book even if half of it was simply a dissection of one day. And you’d also end up with more in-depth […]
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Creating A Library: Beginner Books
Attentive Reading by Gustave Jean Jacquet. (Wiki) First of all: thank you everyone for writing in with your brilliant book suggestions. Two big gaps in my library have already been filled. I have just finished Richard Idemon’s Through The Looking Glass (how could I not have read this [...]
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When The Past Comes To Life
Thomas Cromwell: fixer, strategist, statesman – Scorpio. Hans Holbein King Henry VIII – charmer, playboy, wife-killer and the first head of the Church of England – had an axe-man, Thomas Cromwell, whose job it was to facilitate the King’s desires – divorce, dissolution, beheadings, [...]
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Unpacking My Library: The Confessions
Bascove: Reading in Bed I found myself yesterday, rather to my own surprise, urging a client to read The Confessions by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a book which was written more than 250 years ago and which I last read about 350 years ago. This is how it begins and I think you can read a Uranian [...]
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Unpacking My Library: The Mystery of Numbers
I moved into this house four years ago and, what with one thing and another, up until December half my books had been packed in boxes up in the attic. This has been a source of grievous discontent to me, but the ingress of action planet Mars into bookish Virgo saw a couple of boxes […]
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