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A Moment of Magic in Memory of Hubert de Givenchy
The woman, the dress, the tune, the most poignant opening sequence…. Audrey Hepburn (4 May 1929-1993) wore it. Sun in Taurus, Aquarius Rising, Moon in Pisces, Venus in Aries. Hubert de Givenchy (February 20, 1927 — March 10, 2018) designed the dress. Sun in Pisces, Gemini Rising, Moon in [...]
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Astrology of Now: Through The Looking Glass
As some readers of this blog may have noticed, I couldn’t bring myself to take a close look at the close of polls chart for the US election. It was just too important — and I was scared of what I might find. However, a couple of weeks ago, when I was writing your horoscopes for […]
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Movies: Before…
Spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight, read no more. Jesse wears a manky greyish T-shirt with the word Neptune written across the body of a blue whale for about half the movie Before Midnight. Considering he’s an acclaimed writer of [...]
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Dr Zhivago: Venus In The Midst Of Mars
Like flowers the ice crystals on the window sparkle in the winter sun, transform into a sunny field of daffodils. Spring. Early-morning, low sun between rows of straight, rough-barked pines flashes as the camera moves. Treeless, snowy, dead flat land with a horizon straight as a ruler. A [...]
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Lights, Camera, Roar
It’s silly to guess a profession by Sun sign. But this is the silly season – and there are an awful lot of film directors born under the sign of the Lion. Creative, passionate, theatrical, charismatic – and with a big vision — it figures. So this week’s birthdays [...]
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Woody Allen’s Pluto-Uranus Transit
Chart data is from astrodatabank. I can’t tell if Woody Allen is a child molester from looking at his astrological chart. No one can. But I can tell you that transiting Pluto-Venus is smack-dab on his North Node in Capricorn in the fifth house of children. The North Node is your point of [...]
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Movies: Gravity
Gravity opens with the longest, loveliest view of our pearlescent planet, so large and luminous — and behind it black space. The Earth is our home, our heart, our mother — but what happens when we cut the cord that ties us to her? (Spoiler alert. Pretty much all is revealed.) Dr [...]
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Jodie Foster’s Chiron Return
Jodie Foster is one of the few movie stars who has managed to transmute her juvenile brilliance into adult excellence. Now, she’s 50 and still at the top of her profession. It’s a remarkable career. But just as remarkable has been her determination to keep her private life out of [...]
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For All You Trekkies Out There: Part Three
My colleague Jackie Taylor has allowed me to publish her clever piece about Star Trek, which originally appeared in The Astrological Journal. This is the third tranche. To read the first part about Star Trek’s (rather inauspicious) beginnings, click here, and the second about Leonard [...]
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So You Thought Lilith Was Always a Woman…
In my last post I pointed out that the extraordinarily brilliant writer Patricia Highsmith had dark, disturbing Lilith conjunct her Mercury, the planet of mind and writing. One of the things that makes her writing so remarkable is her ability to get under the skin of evil. Her greatest [...]
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Ken Russell: Dedicated to Dionysus
Film director Ken Russell made big, messy pictures with a lot of sex and music in them. His fluid, emotional, freewheeling camerawork is still like no one else’s. Yesterday at the age of 84, the old maverick was taken by his maker (Uranus Returns, Jupiter conj Chiron). His [...]
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