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What’s So Mercury About Freddie?
One face of the god Mercury. Freddie Mercury, the voice of Queen, would have been 65 today.  I’ve occasionally wondered how he chose the name Mercury and what the astrological connection would be – because of course there is one. So to celebrate his birthday I looked at his chart. [...]
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Lady Gaga and Her Hungry Pluto Moon
I wrote a piece last year comparing Lady Gaga and Madonna. I was reminded of it because I’ve had a whole bunch of charts come across my desk with a Moon-Pluto conjunction. Now I hasten to add that all these charts belonged to people who were living out the combo well. The Gaga and the [...]
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Mercury’s Magic Minstrels
Some songwriters are storytellers. Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Ray Davies of the Kinks were all born in the 1940s under a Gemini Sun. Take a look at these charts – the differences are as intriguing as the similarities. Ray Davies, writing about the neighborhood, commenting on the times (3rd [...]
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RIP Poly Styrene
“Some people say little girls should be seen and not heard, but I say, Oh bondage, up yours!” Thank you Poly Styrene, for giving me something to shout as I drive up to the school gates to pick up my little girls. The pioneer of feminist punk died today at the age of 53. If […]
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Captain Beefheart: Creativity Nurtured by Saturn
  Captain Beefheart (far right) and the long-suffering Magic Band, back in 1969. A creative visionary died this week. Don Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart) (born January 15, 1941 at 4.25pm) was a legendary avant-garde musician and performer and a damn fine painter. In both his chosen [...]
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Lady Gaga vs Madonna
Can you believe the shoes? Lady Gaga has finally sauntered onto my middle-aged radar by wearing that outrageous dress. Wow – it’s punk and glam rock simultaneously! She’s got chutzpah. Every generation has (at least) one – popstalala with ass and attitude. So it’s [...]
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