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Looking into the soul with poetry and astrology.

On Walt Whitman’s Birthday
… and on the subject of great American poets, it’s Walt Whitman’s birthday today. What a marvellous expression of the joyful Gemini soul. This is from the beginning of Leaves of Grass. Come, said my soul, Such verses for my Body let us write, (for we are one,) That should I [...]
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Maya Angelou: Phenomenal Woman
Poet, dancer, dreamer, darer, storyteller, Maya Angelou, died yesterday. Her life was a hero’s journey from mocked child to lauded grand dame. Her own life story became a mirror for America to reflect on. And then there are her pithy observations on everything from creativity, [...]
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Mary’s Month of May
May Magnificat May is Mary’s month, and I Muse at that and wonder why: Her feasts follow reason, Dated due to season— Candlemas, Lady Day; But the Lady Month, May, Why fasten that upon her, With a feasting in her honour? Is it only its being brighter Than the most are must delight her? [...]
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A Poem
  This poem arrived in my inbox this morning courtesy of Scandal Aren’t there bigger things to talk about Than a window in Greenwich Village And hyacinths sprouting Like little puce poems out of a sick soul? Some cosmic hearsay– As to whom–it can’t be Mars! [...]
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Elders At night the moon shakes the bright dice of the water; And the elders, their flower light as broken snow upon the bush, Repeat the circle of the moon. Within the month Black fruit breaks from the white flower. The black-wheeled berries turn Weighing the boughs over the road. There is no [...]
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Twelfth House People
Lying in bed, feeling a little strange, a little light-headed. The sun sends blocks of light across your duvet; because it is broad daylight, and you alone are not at work or at school. Everyone else is busy. There are noises in the house: a tap runs in the kitchen; a distant radio, a car in [...]
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Pluto Poetry
I wonder if Walt Whitman was experiencing a Pluto transit when he wrote this poem.    Pluto is now retrograde until September. The dark planet spends quite a lot of his time in retrograde motion, so it’s not unusual. He’s moving between 11’35 and 8’59 Capricorn.   You [...]
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The Year’s Awakening
Cherry blossoms and snow outside my house. How do you know that the pilgrim track Along the belting zodiac Swept by the sun in his seeming rounds Is traced by now to the Fishes’ bounds And into the Ram, when weeks of cloud Have wrapt the sky in a clammy shroud, And never as yet […]
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Half in Love with Easeful Death
Sylvia Plath was not the only poet born under Scorpio to be drawn to death’s glamour (see my previous post). Here is an extract from Ode To A Nightingale by John Keats (born October 30). … Darkling I listen; and, for many a time I have been half in love with easeful Death, Call’d [...]
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Death: A Most Authentic Experience
Autumn, A Wood Path Sanford Robinson Gifford (1823-1880) It’s Sylvia Plath’s birthday: Sun Scorpio, Moon Libra, Aquarius Rising. (b. October 27, 1932) A real Scorpio has to find the authentic experience. A real Scorpio has to dive deep and come back again, transformed. Death is a [...]
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How the God of Liars Feeds the Soul
Pippi Longstockings, teller of tall tales, eternal child and a favourite of Mercury. This is a still from the Swedish TV series For the Romans Mercury was the protector of thieves and liars. He is that trickster god whom we find tiptoeing through the backdoor of so many cultures: he is Loki, [...]
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