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Pluto in Aquarius: Connect or Disconnect
This year’s great cosmic shift — the move of Pluto into Aquarius — has already caused much hammering of keyboards, bursting of brain cells and copious words to be spilled across the internet. Here’s what you need to know. • Pluto will be in Aquarius from 20 January [...]
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Rishi Sunak: The Eclipse Prime Minister
Yesterday, Conservative members of parliament voted to make Rishi Sunak Prime Minister of Great Britain. He’s by far the wealthiest person ever to have held that office. He’s also the youngest in a very long time, and he’s the first British Asian. He’s also been in [...]
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The Party’s Over For Johnson
Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, is in trouble, but the astrology is sweet. Blond-bombshell Johnson was born with an extraordinary cosmic signature — Venus Retrograde in the heart of his Gemini Sun. So if you’d speculated that Venus Retrograde periods might be significant [...]
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What Astrologers Said About the US Election
If you listen to Sally and Christina Talk Astrology, my monthly podcast,  you will know that I picked Joe Biden to win and we agreed that there would be delays and recounts. This was a pretty straightforward bit of astrology, since Donald Trump had such bad transits, and the election took [...]
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Mister Rogers: The Opposite of Cynical
In Mister Rogers’ neighbourhood people are honest, your feelings are important, and you are special. Mister Rogers exuded goodness of heart, purity of intention and folksy wisdom. He was the opposite of cynical. I was tiny when I watched his show but I still remember how Mister Rogers [...]
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Astrology of Now: The Game’s Up
Well, mendacity, greed and cruelty won last night’s unpopularity contest. That is the Conservative party won the UK general election — in England and Wales. It was also a victory for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction — a conjunction that means The End, as discussed in this post. [...]
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What Astrologers Are Saying About The UK December Election
What a lousy election. What a lousy choice. Still, there’s always astrology to ding around with while the old structures crumble around our ears during this Pluto-Saturn cheek-to-cheek. A Void of Course Moon in Gemini on the night means, traditionally, it ain’t goin’ nowhere [...]
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