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Astrology Talk Investigates: Why Did Rupert Murdoch Choose His Successor?
  In our snappy new series of short takes on topics we find intriguing, mysterious or amusing, we look at the Murdoch clan, models for the hit TV show Succession. The Murdochs are, of course, the most famous media dynasty on the planet, with more fingers in more pies manipulating more [...]
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The Magic Window
Commuters on a Train — Cyril Power[/caption] I grew up in a country where it was unusual, on public transport, to see people reading anything other than a smudged newspaper. I moved to London, where inside the bright-lit tube trains, a colourful collage of hundreds of paper covers made a [...]
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The Death of the Press
Hot-metal printing was finally killed off in the mid-1980s. Its demise had been a long time coming, as it was superseded by other cleaner, faster, cheaper technologies. London’s print unions were some of the last in the world to hold out, in the Wapping Dispute with Rupert Murdoch’s News [...]
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National Geographic: Swallowed By A Great White Shark
My grandparents had stacks of yellow-edged National Geographics in the basement of their house, some dating from the days before photographs were on the front cover. On rainy days in summer or awkward Christmas holidays, I escaped down there, opened those shiny covers and travelled the world. [...]
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Astrology of Now: Stand Up To The Bullies
The Neighborhood Bully – John George Brown Politics just go nasty again in the UK. Let me explain. In this country, there’s a “Leader of the Opposition” in parliament who is the head of the main party that’s out of office, and whose job it is to question the [...]
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Rupert Murdoch Clobbered by U-Plu
Rupert and Wendi: A Perfect Match I wrote a piece about Rupert Murdoch a couple of years ago, because he’s a fascinating character. At the time I wondered what had happened when Pluto went over his Ascendant  — and how come he was still standing – since he seemed to be doing OK at [...]
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Rebekah Brooks: Embodying Lilith
Rebekah Brooks: she made it up the greasy pole Oh, the irony. The woman who made a living dragging people’s good names through the mire is being dragged through it herself. Yesterday, she was arrested (again) at her home near Oxford. Rebekah Brooks was until last July the chief sewage [...]
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Who Has True Grit? Looking at War Correspondents’ Charts
War reporter Marie Colvin in Homs. Photo: Democratic Underground. Homs, Syria is a long way from Oxford, England. It’s on another continent, the people speak another language, have different customs than mine. They are in the midst of a bloody civil war. But the same sun rises, and then [...]
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News of the World: The Bitter End
Well, here’s a load of cobblers. The Romans had the Colosseum; we have the gutter press. Usually, it’s the evisceration of a celebrity’s private life that rouses the public’s bloodlust. But today, the News of the World, Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper, was [...]
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Rupert Murdoch: Is He in League with the Prince of Lies?
So News International employs a nest of snakes to run its papers. Quelle surprise!   We are in the nastier reaches of the realm of Neptune – the planet of lies. To find out why have a look at the profile of Rupert Murdoch that I wrote in March. Click here to find it.
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Why Media Mogul Murdoch is an Uber Pisces
We all know what the books say about the sign of the fishes: mystical, dreamy, impractical, gentle, unwordly… So it’s more than a little interesting that Rupert Murdoch, proprietor of that Orwellian behemoth News Corp was born with the Sun in sweet Pisces. He’ll be celebrating his [...]
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Newspaper horoscopes: should you bother?
Desire Dehau reading a newspaper by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1890). They didn’t have horoscope columns back then but it’s a nice picture. I wrote this a while ago for a pilot partwork, but I think it’s worth republishing. Every day in newspapers and on the internet, [...]
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