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Astrology of Now: Heading Into The Storm
There’s no point pretending otherwise — the next six weeks look tumultuous. I’ve just been to see Dune 2 on a giant screen — and I have to admit, I was uncomfortable watching a movie about a fantasy war as entertainment, while major wars rage on our own dear, and very [...]
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Peace Now
The unleashing of terrible rage along the barbed borders of the Gaza Strip fills us with dread, resounding like a doomsday knell from the heart of the world. Astrologically, it’s easy to see how this and that add up to horror. The planet of rage and aggression Mars, transiting [...]
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Eyeless in Gaza
“…Ask for this great deliverer now, and find him Eyeless in Gaza at the Mill with slaves … from Samson Agonistes by John Milton John Milton’s play Samson Agonistes, based on part of Judges in the Old Testament, begins with the hero, “the great deliverer” [...]
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Libra: Peace or War?
Baroness Thatcher has Libra Sun and Leo Moon like Mahatma Gandhi and David Cameron. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Mrs T.  (ex-PM Margaret Thatcher Oct 13, 1925) And to you Silvio.  (PM Berlusconi, Italy September 29, 1936) And Bibi, Happy Birthday, to you in advance.  (Netanyahu, the [...]
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