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Venus in Gemini: Silver-tongued, Fleet of Foot
Venus is in Gemini for the next three weeks. The planet of beauty and grace in the sign of doubling, double-talk, double-quick, double lucky, double dip, double entendre… double bed, double dutch, double dates, double cross — better watch this on the double! Enjoy.  
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What Aries Has To Teach The Rest of Us: “I Think Therefore I Am”
I’m always interested in how obvious a person’s Sun sign can be — not from how they look but from how they are. So I wondered how philosophers’ Sun sign might show up. This is going to be an occasional series but clearly, it was right to start with Aries. Aries learns best through direct […]
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A man, who feels himself to be half wolf, wanders through the rainy night streets of a European city. He comes across a strange door in a wall and sees this sign, or thinks he sees it, but then does it disappear? Magic Theatre  Admission not for everybody — Not for everybody — MAD PEOPLE  ONLY [...]
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What Aries Has To Teach Us: Erich Fromm and René Descartes
Aries is not a sign associated with philosophy — that is Sagittarian territory according to tradition. However, the Ram knows how to get to the essence of things. In fact, the father of modern western philosophy himself, René Descartes is an Aries Sun. His Sun conjuncts Uranus, the planet of [...]
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