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The Panama Papers
“I want these crimes to be made public”, leaker “John Doe” to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. It turns out that very rich people have been hiding their money in secret bank accounts abroad. Why do they feel the need to do this? Either a) because the money is stolen or b) because they are avoiding [...]
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Flint, Michigan
The city of Flint, Michigan has been poisoned by bad governance. That’s not a metaphor: it is literally true. Flint, located between two of the greatest freshwater lakes on the planet, is an old industrial town, ravaged like its big neighbour Detroit by post-industrial decline. Because [...]
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One Night In Cologne
In the early hours of 2016, more than a 100 women were sexually assaulted by roaming gangs of men in the streets of the German city of Cologne. At least one was raped. At least 1000 men are said to have been involved in the organised attacks. It took five days for the media to catch […]
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Virgins, Black Power, African Liberation…
The month of Virgo was beautiful here, one warm soft day follows another. But the weather was also strange and unseasonable. The nights draw in but the days are as warm as summer. It’s dreamlike. Being deep in the dream of Virgo this year — with the help of an opposition from [...]
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Astrology of Now: Mars in Virgo = The Big Clean Up
I have been down at the bottom of the garden this week, turning my compost, mulching the autumn leaves, sawing up wood, stacking old flowerpots and sharpening blades. It’s creating a surprising amount of room under the laurel trees. The action planet Mars has gone into Virgo, the sign of [...]
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Occupy Astrology: Resurrecting a Long-Dead Rebel
Rome 2011 You will have noticed that protesters from Madrid to Wall Street to the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral have been sporting a particular mask. Julian Assange has one. No it’s not Satan, although it does look rather devilish. It’s Guy Fawkes, the Catholic revolutionary [...]
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What Astrologers Are Saying About Occupy…
Outstanding graphic design has been a feature of  OWS. I have been pondering  Occupy Wall Street for weeks. I’ve been waiting to see my way in to a coherent analysis of the phenomenon. In the mean time, I’ve looked at what other astrologers have been writing. The [...]
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