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For centuries, kings and queens and viziers have used astrology to decide important matters. The planets can help us to decipher current affairs and the make sense of the manoeuvres of Trump, Macron, Johnson et al….

Tunisia: Revolution Now or Never
"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven!--" William Wordsworth wrote these words about the French Revolution more than 200 years ago. But he was a spectator, a friend of France, not a participant, and he never suffered through what became known as the Terror. [...]
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Korea: Toxic Sibling Rivalry
Poster  for the 2004 Korean blockbuster, The Brotherhood of War. So South Korea is a successful, entrepreneurial (if rather corrupt) Leo Sun and North Korea is an angst-ridden, self-hating Virgo. Sibling rivalry is rarely this toxic. The two countries were born just a few weeks apart on the 15 [...]
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Burma: The Ugly Face of Astrology
Did you know that the moment of Burmese independence was chosen by an astrologer? That’s why everyone had to get up before dawn to inaugurate the brand new state at 4.20am on 4 January 1948. Burmese astrology, like its cousin Hindu astrology, is surprisingly similar to ours, but with a [...]
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Aung San Suu Kyi: Embodying the People’s Dream
Steel Orchid. She stands, tiny and fragile behind the iron fence, then graciously she accepts the gift of a flower and puts it in her hair. The people of Burma are cursed to have such terrible governance, but blessed with such a leader. Aung San Suu Kyi is indomitable, indefatigable, brave, [...]
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Shrinking Britain
Cometh the hour, cometh the man. George Osborne is going to be one of the most hated public figures of our time. But he can take it This afternoon George Osborne, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, gave the most important speech of his life – and maybe ours. Is this a full [...]
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Libra: Peace or War?
Baroness Thatcher has Libra Sun and Leo Moon like Mahatma Gandhi and David Cameron. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Mrs T.  (ex-PM Margaret Thatcher Oct 13, 1925) And to you Silvio.  (PM Berlusconi, Italy September 29, 1936) And Bibi, Happy Birthday, to you in advance.  (Netanyahu, the [...]
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Heavenly grrrl power!
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Brazil. Is the mother goddess giving a helping hand? In Brazil, Dilma Rousseff; in Australia Julia Gillard, who’s next? Are sisters finally doing it for themselves? Here’s what I think happened in the heavens that might give us a clue. On the [...]
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A Fairytale Ending for Milibands
Once upon a time there was a miller who had three sons. When he died his oldest son took the mill, his middle son took the donkey, and that left the youngest son with nothing but the cat. Well, we know who got the better deal in the end. Puss-in-boots helps the youngest son to […]
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A Special Relationship – but do they understand each other?
She’s just not that interested. How do you tell that to someone? It’s tricky – especially if you’re reading someone’s chart and you can tell by the look in his eyes and the still way in which he’s holding himself, that this is really important – and [...]
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