Category: Special Relationship

The Lonely Sun of Theresa May
Theresa May became Britain’s second woman Prime Minister last summer, because there was no alternative. The rest of them had done each other in. She was the last woman standing, and the country breathed a collective sigh of relief when she stepped into the breach. She seemed capable, calm, [...]
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Venus Puts a Leash on the Dogs of War
Beleaguered PM David Cameron was born with Uranus-Pluto conjunct. Under the square, things are falling apart. Hooray! The British Parliament has voted against a military intervention proposed by the Prime Minister – possibly for the first time ever. At the start of the week, Prime [...]
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A Special Relationship – but do they understand each other?
She’s just not that interested. How do you tell that to someone? It’s tricky – especially if you’re reading someone’s chart and you can tell by the look in his eyes and the still way in which he’s holding himself, that this is really important – and [...]
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