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Swift of foot and lively of mind, Mercury buzzes around the heavens, adding colour and bringing news and information to the fore. Here are some selected writings about this fast-moving planet.

Mars is transiting my natal Mercury in Pisces: I just backed my car into a wall. No damage done, but I really must remember not to get behind a steering wheel next time, because this transit helps me damage my vehicle every time it comes round – especially when Uranus is hangin’ about [...]
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Astrology of Now: Honour Thy Father or Else!
Riot police in Parliament Square.* The god Pluto wears a helmet of invisibility. Are you enjoying the ferocious fisticuffs between Mercury, Mars and Pluto? Speedy Mercury is thought and words and youth; Mars is war and action; Pluto – well, he comes like a shadow in the night, carries a big [...]
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Korea: Toxic Sibling Rivalry
Poster  for the 2004 Korean blockbuster, The Brotherhood of War. So South Korea is a successful, entrepreneurial (if rather corrupt) Leo Sun and North Korea is an angst-ridden, self-hating Virgo. Sibling rivalry is rarely this toxic. The two countries were born just a few weeks apart on the 15 [...]
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A God for Every Sign – yay
I find reading old astrology books a very good way to get to sleep. Dane Rudhyar is marvellously soporific. I hope some of it will filter into my dreams, and be reborn as a brilliant insight. Last night I turned to CEO Carter, who is an old stand-by in the wee small hours. And in […]
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A Special Relationship – but do they understand each other?
She’s just not that interested. How do you tell that to someone? It’s tricky – especially if you’re reading someone’s chart and you can tell by the look in his eyes and the still way in which he’s holding himself, that this is really important – and [...]
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