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Astrology of Now: In the Footprints of Saturn
We woke up to snow on Sunday. Swirling, twirling flakes, hurtling fast, then fluttering delicately past the bedroom window. The garden had vanished by 6am and by mid-day a soft, heavy blanket of white had covered everything. With snow comes silence. It’s easy in the first snowfall to imagine [...]
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The Death of the Press
Hot-metal printing was finally killed off in the mid-1980s. Its demise had been a long time coming, as it was superseded by other cleaner, faster, cheaper technologies. London’s print unions were some of the last in the world to hold out, in the Wapping Dispute with Rupert Murdoch’s News [...]
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September Horoscopes: Practical Magic
  A piece of wood, some catgut, ebony: a violin. Grapes transformed into wine. Paint transformed into image. Practical magic. This month opens with a wondrous eclipse in the sign of skill and craftsmanship, Virgo, which opens up the powerful generational aspect between Saturn and Neptune, [...]
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Is 69 The New 27?
As you probably already know, the 27 Club is a term for all those singers who died too young, at the age of 27. The list is long and it includes, off the top of my head, Amy Winehouse, Jeff Buckley, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin. In fact there is something important [...]
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Big Aspects To Watch Out For: Jupiter in Virgo Two
Jupiter in Virgo — August 11, 2015 – 9 September 2016 The 12-year cycle of Jupiter is one of the most important to understand and work with in your own life. So right now, it’s worth looking back at the last time Jupiter was in Virgo –  from 27 August 2003 to 25 September [...]
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Saturn in Sagittarius: Part Two
Saturn is the most distant and by far the slowest moving of the planets used by traditional astrologers. Therefore he has the deepest impact on the sign in which he finds himself. Saturn rules boundaries, gloom, depression, restriction, rules, harvest, death, structure, bones, old age, [...]
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Saturn in Sagittarius: Part One
As Saturn, the reaper, slows to a halt before turning retrograde in mid-March, let’s pause to reflect what the transit of this great planet through the sign of the centaur means. In this post, I’ll look briefly at the past Saturn in Sag period to give us a handle on this one. Then [...]
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