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When Taurus Loved Scorpio: the Passion, the Madness
“I woke up absolutely raging with desire for you my love … Oh dear God how I did want you. Perhaps you were stroking your darling self.” — Olivier to Leigh If sensual Taurus and sexy Scorpio can get it together, the earth really does move, after all these are (arguably) the two most intense [...]
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Suzanne Valadon
This terrific self-portrait dates from 1927. Just as a supplement to the Satie piece: here is Suzanne Valadon’s chart. She was a wonderful woman, a free spirit, single mother, great painter and an inspiration for many other artists (Neptune in the 7th), in particular Renoir. For a while [...]
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Take a vow
You know what, we big picture people are not the only ones to heave a huge sigh of relief when Saturn finally gets into Libra for a good long stretch. (Personally, I can already feel the pressure easing. ). Saturn himself is jumping for joy and kicking his heels in the air. Why? Because [...]
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