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Astrology of Now: Sorry!
If you have written to me in the last few months and have heard nothing in response, I apologise. Yesterday, I found that, for reasons too boring to explain, one of my email addresses has not been functioning for months! I am so sorry and I am endeavouring to respond to each of you this […]
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Your Month Ahead: Podcast
It’s the equinox! Hooray. One of the four corners of the year. Here, we are turning into autumn. Sally and I met at Cliveden, a very beautiful stately home outside London, famous, or infamous, for political intrigue. That seemed appropriate for the month ahead with Venus, the planet of [...]
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What Astrologers Are Saying About Brexit
On June 23, the people of United Kingdom will go to the polls to make the most important collective decision of a lifetime. Should we stay in the European Union or should we go? The decision taken now could change the country’s future absolutely — probably not in the ways predicted by any [...]
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Talking Astrology Podcast: Mars Rx, Bernie Sanders and the Queen
This month in Talking Astrology, my colleague Andrea Soole and I discuss May’s Mars Retrograde. Bernie Sanders, US presidential hopeful, has this in his natal chart. We recorded the session on the Queen’s birthday, so it has rather a regal flavour.
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Astrology of Now: Looking Deeper
One of the pleasures of this retrograde period… Saturn Rx in Sagittarius, the sign of higher learning, the exotic and libraries Mars station (Rx on April 17) also in Sagittarius Mercury in shadow (Rx on April 28) in Taurus, ruled by Venus the goddess of beauty and art Jupiter Rx in Virgo, the [...]
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