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Movies: Gravity
Gravity opens with the longest, loveliest view of our pearlescent planet, so large and luminous — and behind it black space. The Earth is our home, our heart, our mother — but what happens when we cut the cord that ties us to her? (Spoiler alert. Pretty much all is revealed.) Dr [...]
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The Soul of Star Trek: Part Two
My colleague Jackie Taylor has allowed me to publish her clever piece about Star Trek, which originally appeared in the Astrological Journal. This is the second tranche. To read the first part about Star Trek‘s (rather inauspicious) beginnings, click here. Central to Star Trek’s fame and [...]
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To Boldly Delve Into Star Trek’s Chart: Part One
The first episode of Star Trek, The Man Trap. I really enjoyed this piece by Jackie Taylor in The Astrological Journal. So I was pretty pleased that she gave me kind permission to publish it here. I’ve split it into three bite-sized chunks.  It was nearly 46 years ago that, for the first [...]
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