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An Interview about The Quest for Love with Ana Isabel
From the heights of true love to the power of Saturn-Sun conjunctions, astrologer Ana Isabel asks me some probing questions. This was recorded in early November, before I gave a talk about the asteroid Psyche and love stories at the Astrological Lodge of London. She surprised me! This is part [...]
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Adele’s Saturn
  One thing’s certain about the singer Adele: she likes Saturn. At her one-night only special in Los Angeles the other day, she sported ginormous, dangly Saturn earrings, flashed a tattoo of the ringed planet on her right forearm, and was otherwise clad in black head to foot — [...]
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Zoom Chat on Sunday
I am looking forward to chatting on Sunday. It’s been quite the month. I thought we could talk about asteroids because I’ve been doing quite a bit of research recently, but the choice is yours. Bring your questions, and we’ll see where that leads. This is for member’s [...]
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Asteroids in June, July and August
Juno, the planet of contracts and marriages, is deeply involved in the current eclipses. Meanwhile, Pallas, the goddess of wisdom, is swimming through the seas of Pisces, and Hygeia, the goddess of public health, is changing signs later in the summer. This 22-minute round-up of the [...]
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Asteroids Report, Anne Whitaker Recording & hand outs
  I hope you’ve already listened to the Asteroids Report on the members’ page. All previous reports are now available too. Just follow the link. My conversation with Anne Whitaker about the lunar nodes is also up for members, including some relevant handouts from Anne. Go to [...]
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Asteroids Report March-April
I’ve just published the video on the member’s page. It seems like some of the asteroids are lending some much needed flexibility to 2021. The Asteroids Report is published every two months for members of The Oxford Astrologer.  
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Meghan, Harry and Diana’s Saturn Return
If ever you wondered whether this country were in the grip of a prolonged nervous breakdown, take a millisecond to peruse the extraordinary media response to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with the redoubtable queen across the water, Oprah Winfrey. That was aired last night [...]
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