Category: Beauty

The Tapestry of Night
A long time ago, before streetlights and cars, when nights without the Moon were really dark, if it was clear, the bedizened velvet sky held us tight in her embrace. Sailors far out at sea, bobbing on the breast of the ocean, could look up and see constellations they recognised from home; [...]
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After Roy Halston Frowicker died in San Francisco in 1990, the obituaries where cautious, muted, a little salty. Maybe it was because he’d lost his business, maybe it was because of the louche lifestyle, or maybe it was just because of the cruelty of fashion: by 1990, Halston was just so [...]
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The Asteroid of Love Stories, Fairy Tales and the Soul’s Journey
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in a country far away, a girl of breath-taking beauty lived with her family. Her two older sisters were “successfully’ married, to wealthy, middle-aged men, but her father was perplexed. Who was good enough to marry his darling youngest, [...]
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