Category: Pisces

Take a lateral look at the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Here is a showcase of people, ideas, myths and phenomena influenced by the musical, ethereal fishes.

Being Indulgent
Practical, understated chic. Perfect for a weekend in the Cotswolds. With calves like that maybe his Jupiter’s in Aquarius! “Just bought a pair of boots,” he muttered, trying not to look too pleased. I thought for a minute. We already live with a small river of his shoes that [...]
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A God for Every Sign – yay
I find reading old astrology books a very good way to get to sleep. Dane Rudhyar is marvellously soporific. I hope some of it will filter into my dreams, and be reborn as a brilliant insight. Last night I turned to CEO Carter, who is an old stand-by in the wee small hours. And in […]
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Times are changing
This is from an old copy of the defunct magazine¬†Punch. I can never see the joke, but it does seem appropriate. We had dinner with an entertainingly gloomy Irishman last night. He’s clearly enjoying the credit crunch a lot – because it means that he can wallow in deepest pessimism, [...]
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