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Fired up with enthusiasm, excitable and exciting, Archers enrich life for everyone around them with their sense of curiosity and hunger for knowledge.

8 Good Things to Do with Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius
  Mercury back through Sag means review the map of your life – or plan to take a trip that you’ve taken before. So last week, I found myself watching the first series of the West Wing, which wasn’t a bad way to enjoy the messenger planet’s review of the sign of [...]
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Sagittariana: Goddess of the Hunt
As I write this, the Sun is poised to slip into the sign of the centaur, Sagittarius. And this forest being, half-man, half-horse will take us, at a gallop, into the heart of winter. According to the Romans, his mentor is Diana, goddess of the Moon, wild creatures and the hunt. And there is a [...]
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A God for Every Sign – yay
I find reading old astrology books a very good way to get to sleep. Dane Rudhyar is marvellously soporific. I hope some of it will filter into my dreams, and be reborn as a brilliant insight. Last night I turned to CEO Carter, who is an old stand-by in the wee small hours. And in […]
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Synchronicity, dreams and a case of exact astrological aspects
I’m going to tell a story that starts off badly and ends up well. Last night I dreamt that I was the only person left in the world and I could not find anything with which to kill myself. I woke up abruptly, terrified, with these words going through my head: “The world will not [...]
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