Category: Feminism

The astrological factors that recur in the lives of powerful and groundbreaking women.

On the “Other”: Lilith, Harvey Weinstein and the Fate of Nations
Why are there so many Liliths to choose from astrologically? I asked myself this question recently, and wondered if the answer might not lie in the archetype herself. Just to be clear. There are: True Lilith, Mean Lilith… and the asteroid Lilith… and furthermore, in some software, [...]
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The Goddess Weekend
Oh those neglected asteroids, floating around in the Kuiper belt wastes, ignored and even derided (as a bunch of rubble behind Mars). Well, no longer. The Oxford Astrology Group will be devoting an entire weekend to Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and Juno this September (29-30) — and you are [...]
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Saturn in Capricorn: Winter is Coming
This video was made during the one-day workshop held in January by The Oxford Astrology Group here at Trinity College, Oxford. I took a look at the UK chart during the talk as well as touching more generally on Saturn, Capricorn and the shape of 2018. I note that the comment on UK property [...]
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#metoo: Emotional Insight
Every single woman that I know has experienced a straightforward sexual assault — raped, groped, flashed — mostly by someone she knew. And from her working life, every single woman I know has a catalogue of the occasions when she was manipulated, intimidated, pestered, ignored, frightened or [...]
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Nasty Women
No matter what you think about the candidates for president in the USA, the campaign has given rise to some barnstorming feminist political speeches. It feels like a real breakthrough — a change in the weather. In astrology, we have a “nasty woman”. She’s called Black Moon Lilith, and she’s [...]
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Pussy Riot
Singing the cheerful refrain, “Holy shit, shit, God’s shit”, while parodying prayer in the sanctum of one of Russia’s most revered cathedrals, the feminist punk band Pussy Riot, managed to get right up the noses of the Russian establishment on February 21, 2012. The [...]
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Why Uranus-Pluto Is A Feminist Aspect
Feminist poster from the sixties I’m still pondering the significance of the world’s biggest sex symbol removing her secondary sexual characteristics. Did it really come down to a choice between desirability or living? And if it did come down to that choice for Angelina Jolie, what [...]
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Equal Rights for Goddesses?
As you know, there are seven heavenly bodies in traditional astrology. The boys – Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The girls – Moon, Venus. Five against two. Now does that seem fair to you? Does that even seem like life? Ceres, goddess of fertility, is sometimes assigned to [...]
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