In Conversation with Anne Whitaker
I’m so delighted that astrologer, writer and teacher Anne Whitaker has agreed to come talk to me — and you, the members of The Oxford Astrologer, in June. You may be familiar with her work either from her books, her blogs — Astrology: Questions and Answers ¬†and Writing from [...]
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2020 Astrological Association Conference 26th June 2020 12:00
I’ll be speaking at the 2020 AA Conference in June. It’s gone on-line, so we’re waiting to see how that works exactly. My lecture is on Generation Z — or should I be calling it the Lockdown Generation now? For more information on the conference, tickets and other [...]
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Webinar: Mercury Retrograde 6th October 2020 12:00
Mercury Retrograde has become mainstream knowledge and even the media reports on the communication planet up to its tricks. Yet, is Mercury Retrograde really a time of communication chaos when you can expect things to go wrong? Or, is there more to this intriguing and often misrepresented [...]
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Webinar: Eclipses 4th June 2020 12:00
We’ll be talking about this year’s summer and winter eclipses — plus giving you an overview of how to work with these most powerful energies. Learn about the cycles of the eclipses and you start to see the patterns playing out in your life. Eclipses coincide with key turning [...]
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