March Horoscopes

Detail from March from the Tres Riches Heures de Duc de Berri.

“it’s spring and the goat-footed balloon Man whistles far and wee”

from [in Just-]
by ee cummings

With two Full Moons, the Spring equinox plus a Mercury Retrograde, March is more than just mudluscious and puddle-wonderful — it’s super busy, so some of us may feel pretty relieved that two planets turn retrograde at last.

A massive stellium in Pisces at the start of the month gradually gives way to an almost equally huge stellium in Aries at the end of the month. From slush to thrust. The thing to note is that when those planets are in Pisces, they make nice with Saturn, Pluto and Lilith in Capricorn — and when they’re in Aries things get feisty. Also, when in Pisces, they’re all being lovely to Jupiter in Scorpio too…

We’re coming to the end of Uranus long, exciting tour through Aries — and that means that many of the contacts he’s making now, he won’t making again for, oh, 80 years or so. This month, just before the Easter weekend Venus meets Uranus for the last time in Aries.

Easter Weekend hosts an ultra-civilised Full Moon in Libra, a nice counter to all that fiery Aries…

Have a lovely month.



“March, master of winds, bright minstrel and marshal of storms that enkindle the season they smite.”

From Ode to March
by Algernon Swinburne


Vishnu's Dream

Vishnu’s Dream

This month begins with a free-flowing surge of energy in your 12th house of dreams, secrets and collective emotion. That energy begins to trickle into your own sign from the end of the first week like water through small leaks in a dam. By the end of March, this builds up to a massive surge of energy in Aries.

Until mid-March, your ruling planet, Mars, will be in your fellow fire-sign of Sagittarius. This should give you a superb boost of forward momentum, catapulting you towards your birthday month. However, there’s also a Mercury Retrograde in your own sign, which you might begin to feel as early as March 8.

There’s an earthy, work-oriented Full Moon in your house of health and daily routine on March1/2. This could be the successful completion of a practical project. And frankly, in the spirit of Lent, it’s a good moment to give up on something that’s just not working in your daily life — like, say, eating pasta or ironing your own shirts. This Full Moon is exceptionally well-aspected by practical Saturn, which is again, very helpful for putting an end to something.

On March 6, the energy accelerates sharply when both Venus, the planet of love and good looks, and Mercury, the planet of speed and communications, burst into Aries. For these planets, entry into your sign marks an exciting beginning of the astrological year, and for you, your birthday month starts early.

With Venus in your sign for the whole of March, you are at your most attractive, alluring and persuasive moment of  the year. If you look at it one way, Venus is making your sign ready for the entry of the Sun, so make an effort with this Venus to connect to people. Plan a big birthday party, and send out your invitations early.

Mercury adds speed and quick-thinking to your endeavours throughout March, but this Mercury is running into a retrograde on March 22, just two days after the Sun goes into your sign. That means that he’s slower than usual right from the start, giving you time to ponder, backtrack and change your mind about some important issues — for example: what the hell am I doing?

Despite any forward momentum, don’t make hasty decisions in March. You may not have all the information you need. Furthermore, there is a slightly grinding feel to things, because as planets begin to pile up in Aries, they start to make tough aspects to hard-nosed Saturn, dark Pluto and Lilith gathered together at the top of your chart.

Mars — warrior, champion and streetfighter — will join those three on March 17, the same day as the New Moon. So you will have a big stellium — colllection of planets — in your career sector (again) for the following six weeks. And that is at a tough but dynamic angle to all those planets in Aries.

This indicates that those on high — parents, bosses, even government — might be blocking your route forward. However, Saturn in this position is generally considered to be working at his best, helping you to realise your ambitions if you are willing to work — and your ruler, Mars, looks set this month to push that forward. Nevertheless, in order to achieve this you may have to change your approach to some career-defining issue this month. Be prepared to be flexible, go back over something you’ve already done — and check those details, including details of how you are presenting yourself. Get the suit and the shoes right. You’ll have Venus’ help here, but it does seem to be important.

Look out for breakthroughs or blockages around these days.

March 11 — Mercury square Saturn

March 13 — Venus square Saturn

That New Moon on March 17 is a really fine one for getting rid of last year’s waste, in time for your birthday month. Make a point of throwing something out that you don’t want anymore. It’s also an exceptional weekend to go on a retreat or meditation workshop, to find some inner stillness before in the midst of all the busyness of your life right now.

On the day of the New Moon, Mars moves into Capricorn and out of fiery Sagittarius, and you may well feel a slowing down in your own pace. In the following weeks you should walk your path with greater deliberation and thoughtfulness than you normally would. There seem to be many things and people to take into consideration. At the same time, Mars here often gives you a once-every-two-years career boost. You may find yourself called on to step into a breach or pitch to some important people.

Mars will be here well into April, and although it looks as if there may be some struggles with career, the fight is worth it.

On March 20, the Spring Equinox, the Sun goes into your sign — hooray! — and you should feel the usual flush of hot solar energy. This boost in vitality is just what you need right now, to boot you from winter into spring. You still have energising, exciting Uranus in your sign for a few more months before his seven-year sojourn comes to an end,  and you should be giving your life one more spin of the wheel. Uranus brings change,  and I am sure he has already done a lot. But, especially if you were born around April 17-20, he is still hard at work for you, bringing surprises and excitement your way — and helping you to surprise other people.

Look out for an encounter with someone powerful on March 22, when Venus squares Pluto. Be careful of Harvey Weinstein situations, but this energy could work in a very positive way. Someone might make you a lucrative offer, for example, or spot your talent. Mind who you talk to and what comes out of your mouth. There is a chance you’ll say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Watch out for squalls, or a power struggle coming out into the open, on March 24 when the Sun in Aries makes a harsh aspect to your ruler.

On March 29, Venus makes one last encounter with Uranus in your sign. This could be love at first sight — or 15th. It is certainly a lucky, surprising energy to kick off the holiday weekend.

On March 30, Venus leaves your sign for another year — but she does go straight into your counting house, where she seems to be highly co-operative with your bosses. Is that a payrise?

The Full Moon on the last day of the month is in your house or relationships — highlighting all those one to ones. It does look as if you may have some explaining to do to your nearest and dearest. It could be that you’ve been having to spend way too much time on your career as far as he or she is concerned. Your best bet at this point is to listen carefully to what your partners have to say, take it away and reflect on what’s been said at leisure for a few days.

Happy Birthday!


Dreaming of Pomegranates. Felice Casorati

Dreaming of Pomegranates. Felice Casorati

March starts as a sort of techno rave but gradually slows down into a sedate waltz, as the planets realign, turn retrograde and change signs.

All the planets except Ceres are still in direct motion until March 9, when Jupiter is the first to turn retrograde in your house of partnerships. This is why the first week of the month still has the rapidity of February. Events seem to be unfolding smoothly and unhindered.

With Mars, the planet of “just do it”, still in your 8th house of death, sex and intimacy until March 17, much of that action may be behind the scenes, or connected with one of those subjects.

One other thing to note is that Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strategy, is blessing you with her presence all month. Pallas makes you smarter and gives you a very cool head. It looks like this might be important around March 17, when you could have an encounter where your cool common sense will impress someone important. If you have been trying to win a deal or get a job interview or make a presentation, try and pin down the meeting around now.

March kicks off with a really lovely Full Moon, at a beautifully playful and romantic angle to your Sun. Time to write the letters LOVE a mile high in the sky — or to celebrate the brilliance of one of your children (or a child of the mind). This is a wonderful Full Moon for creative imagination, but it’s also really sociable. If you’re invited to a party, go — or at least make your way to nearest watering hole and hang out with the other Bulls for a while. Let your curls down, dear Taurus.

On that same day, your ruler makes a super lucky-in-love aspect to Jupiter, the greater benefic. It really does look possible that a friendship might blossom into something deeper this week — or more prosaically, your partner will introduce you to some VIPs.

What is more, for those first six days of March, your ruler is in one of her favourite places, adding a touch of beauty and glamour to all your social interactions. You’re likely to be winning friends and influencing people, all the more so because Jupiter, the expander, is working hard on extending your friendship network this year.

Jupiter is slowing down and will turn Retrograde on March 9 at 23° Scorpio, which means those of you born around May 13 will feel the full force of this about-face. Jupiter Retrograde can come as something of a relief, because Jupiter magnifies certain parts of our lives so much, it can be quite tiring meeting all those new people and having all those new conversations. Furthermore, Jupiter Retrograde is just as lucky as when he is Direct. It’s an opportunity to consolidate the gains in your personal relationships made since October, while Jupiter has been transiting Scorpio.

While Jupiter is in Scorpio, you’re likely to meet people who help you grow in wisdom and generosity. This is a lovely transit for falling in love or building a relationship.

On March 6, your ruler, Venus, dives into Aries, which may change the energetic feel of the rest of March for you. You may feel more adventurous, curious and daring. You may find your imagination taking you to some wilder shores, but it looks as if you’re still pretty careful. Listen out around March 13 for some good advice from a tutor or mentor — remember this can be something you read in a book or see on the web.

The New Moon in Pisces on March 17 is at a positive aspect to your Sun. It could actually be a moment when you choose to leave a particular group. This won’t be with any hard feelings; it’s just time to go. On the very same day, Mars, the action planet, moves into a smooth, positive angle to your Sun, where he will stay for the next six weeks. Not only that: Mars will help to activate all the other energy in this part of your chart. This is about broadening your horizons through learning or travel, getting down to some serious study, or producing an important paper or even a book. You have Saturn in this supportive part of your chart until 2020, and if you are undertaking a course of study, you couldn’t have chosen a better time. This does require you to put in the work though, and Mars is here to help boost your energy in that direction.

On the day after the New Moon, Ceres, the asteroid of motherhood, turns direct in a house associated with mothers. If your mother has been absent or busy or somehow out of the picture, she may come back with a whoosh of drama.

When the Sun shifts from watery Pisces into Aries on March 20, the Equinox, spring is really here. You should feel all that energy beginning to fizz like champagne through your veins.

Two days later, Mercury turns retrograde, and you may find yourself wanting to spend some time alone; this would also fit in with the Jupiter retrograde. You’ve probably been wildly social, and all Taureans should spend some time in their caves. This would be a great Mercury Retrograde to make your inner world more orderly, to spend some time exploring your own private Idaho or alternative Venice, in other words your inner world. If you are a creative person, you should look for some treasures deep within during this retrograde. Pay special attention to your dreams.

On that same day, your ruler makes a bit of a nasty aspect to Pluto — but it’s fleeting. Just don’t let the unreasonable get you down.

Your ruler lovely Venus makes her last conjunction with Uranus in Aries on March 29. This could be quite significant — although it’s hard to predict what Uranus will do. It could be, however, a final moment of “awakening” or blossoming for you…

On March 30, your birthday month begins early, as Venus enters your sign to kick off the holiday weekend. She’ll be here for three weeks, preparing the way for the Sun. That means get your nails done and your hair curled, but it also means you are at your most beautiful, lucky and persuasive.

On the very last day of March, there’s another Full Moon. This one invites you to look into how you run your everyday life. It may actually be a moment of feeling overstretched. Cut yourself some slack, don’t try and do too much. This is a weekend for relaxing and eating chocolate.



The Storybook — N.C. Wyeth

The Storybook — N.C. Wyeth

Well, Gemini, you are riding a wave of good fortune at the start of March — and it continues to have a ripple effect right into April.

At the start of the month, there’s a tremendous pull of energy yanking at your career or status. It could simply be that you’re very busy at work, but it also looks like you have the attention of some important people, or even that you are in the public eye. This could be quite stressful, especially if you have secrets to conceal, but it’s extremely fortunate otherwise. In particular, the first day of March is really lucky for your self-promotion, and this continues for a week. The work that you’ve put in over the last few months, since October, may be recognised by a much wider audience.

The other way this energy is working is simply in terms of popularity. If you’re running for office, for example, you may be surprised at the warmth you get from complete strangers. You seem blessed with the common touch right now.

The Full Moon on March 1-2 highlights home and family, the people and the place that are the foundation of your life. You may have been neglecting them a bit lately, what with all the fanfare around your working life. Here are a couple of days to lavish a bit more attention on your home. In particular, if you are a gardener, this is a brilliant Full Moon for a bit of planting. Choose something that you want to grow rapidly.

The Full Moon could also bring a brief spat that day with a partner, but it’s otherwise so stellar that other things make up for it.

On March 6, your ruler, Mercury, slides into fiery Aries — a sign where he normally helps you to put on such speed and decisiveness. However, this year, Mercury enters Aries and then slows down to smell the primroses and admire the snowdrops. That’s because he’s going to turn retrograde on March 22.

Slow down yourself: you’ll enjoy it. And this retrograde, think about the people you are hanging out with — specifically the groups you’ve joined. Do you really want to be a member of The People’s Action Committee for Marbles? What possessed you to sing in the Liberation from Gluten Choir? And while we’re on the subject, why don’t you join Geminis For World Peace, Geminis for Geminis or even Geminis Rule OK?

Remember that quite a lot of retrograde action happens in this shadow period before the actual retrograde; then things start to work out on April 1. This retrograde is giving you a real chance to work out what direction you’re going, how to make your ideals come true, and who your fellow travellers ought to be. Since Venus is in this same part of your chart from March 6 also, it looks like this retrograde could be rather sweet. Maybe you will reconnect with some old contacts or acquaintances who help to guide you on your way. This would, for example, be a good retrograde for going to a conference that you attend regularly.

Think, then, about your future. You may work out that you don’t want to be an astronaut after all.

During this Mercury Rx, your ruler will make a tough contact to stern Saturn three times — the first is on March 11 and the other two are in April. This suggests that you may run up against some problem with authority. It could be a question of funding, but it looks like you’ll find opportunities for a workaround. So the first contact may be a stumbling block, and the final one in April may be a solution. You will in all likelihood be required to put in some serious work.

During these first two weeks of March, Mars, the planet of action, is bombing through your relationship sector. This is exciting, argumentative and fun. There may be conflict between what you ought to be doing to further your career, and the amount of energy your partner requires; or a conflict between friends and authority. On other hand, this is a great two weeks for getting things out in the open with your closest companions and just having some fun.

The New Moon in Pisces on March 17 is right at the top of your chart. The story here is one of finishing one phase of your career and starting another — although this may be in quite a minor key. It makes a hard aspect to that Mars, so you may find you need to make a choice between friendship and status, or that partners resist your rise to the top.

On that same day, Mars checks out of your relationship sector and moves into Capricorn, joining a bunch of planets already in this part of your chart for the long-haul. This is an interesting sector to be activated and you are invited to take your personal relationships to a deeper level, confront your most hidden fears — and, maybe, if you are the right age, organising your exit from this existence.

When the Sun moves into Aries on March 20, you may feel some pressure lift from your shoulders, allowing you to focus more attention on your upcoming Mercury Retrograde, including getting in touch with old acquaintances. On the day Mercury turns, there may be some secrets revealed, although possibly not yours.

This last 10 days of the month look very sociable, and rather intense. It may feel like everyone wants to discuss their deepest secrets with you.

Watch out around March 22 – 24 for some slightly scratchy moments, but these are just passing.

Finally on the last day of the month — in the midst of the Easter holiday — there’s another Full Moon at a very lovely angle to your Sun. This is a beautiful Full Moon — romantic, playful, creative — a garden of earthly delight. It looks like the Easter Bunny is going to be paying you special attention. If you can, try to take the whole weekend off and drink in some culture. Maybe you’ll be espying the Full Moon from a gondola in Venice or a tuk-tuk in Bangkok.



The Day of Rest — Frederick Cayley Robinson

The Day of Rest — Frederick Cayley Robinson

Your little boat is pitching up and down on the tides of fate in March, and you, my dear Crab, will need to steer a steady course. At the same time, you must take into account the needs of the rest of the crew.

It’s important to remember that you have Saturn — task-master, builder, master of endings — sitting in opposition to your sign for the next couple of years. Inevitably, he will put some focus on your relationships, making your expectations more realistic, and perhaps even ending some long-standing liaisons. If you were born at the end of June, you will be feeling this rather cold and obstructive energy directly. You may be coming face to face with a difficult or even burdensome person or situation. This is a test.

Those of you born around July 10 are feeling the direct opposition of Pluto — a powerful, intense energy, and this is another kind of test.

Both these difficult planets have to go somewhere, but these days they are spending their time transforming and ending some of the most important relationships in your life. This is not going to be easy, but this month you have a great deal of support — and insight into your situation(s).

Both Venus and Jupiter, the two great beneficial planets, are in fine supportive mode with you all month. So it might be a good idea to take some time off in March and recharge your batteries with some serious leisure.

You also have three lunations in March, each of which focuses your attention on a different aspect of your life. Since you are ruled by the Moon, you are always highly sensitive to New and Full Moons. It’s worth keeping a diary of how this works for you.

On March 1-2, the Full Moon in Virgo may bring some news to light, expose fractures in a sibling relationship or remind you of just how important those relationships are to you. You may feel very emotional about some bosom buddy — perhaps someone you take rather for granted.

Indeed, the first week of March seems awash with emotions, but it’s important to allow yourself to feel what you are feeling  and not feel constrained by the reactions of others. This is an ideal week for exploring your own emotions and putting your feelings in a much broader context. You may feel like writing, painting, dancing or singing them — and if you do allow this outflow, you may be surprised out how beautifully all the different, diverging elements of your life meld into a coherent story.

It’s not always emphasised enough in the astrology textbooks, but you are one of the most creative signs, and it’s important for you always to allow that creativity expression, whether it’s through cooking a sumptuous apple pie or painting an homage to a fellow crab such as Chagall. This first week in March looks exceptionally lovely for this.

Things do change a bit from March 6 as planets begin a slow migration from watery Pisces to fiery Aries. The Sun will remain in highly supportive Pisces until March 20, but Mercury, the planet of communications, and Venus, the planet of love, start encouraging discussions and positive interactions around your career — or to do with one of your parents.

Mercury will be retrograding in this sector from March 22, so you will probably have a lot to think about when it comes to either your status or your family hierarchy. Be prepared to change your mind, negotiate and listen. You may need to formulate plans A, B, C and D when it comes to taking action. Should you stay or should you go?

Around March 9-13, some stumbling blocks may emerge. This could be to do with a partner putting the kybosh on a forward-plan, or your own concerns about a partner getting in the way. There is a work-around, but you need time to find it.

On March 9, Jupiter, the greater benefic, turns retrograde. This means that he is sending his benevolent beams in the direction of those of you born in the days around July 14 for a really long time for at least a week either side of this date. That is decidedly lucky, especially if you are trying to have a child, produce a work of art, take a gamble on love, or just take a gamble. Now I’m not suggesting you rush down to the bookies, but it might be a good time to give something that needs a little bit of luck a push in the right direction. Why not send a billet-doux or at least a semi-sweet SMS to that person of interest?

When Jupiter turns retrograde, his positive support for you does not stop: it simply ceases to be quite so expansive for a while, and may be less accessible. In other words, if you need some Jupiterian energy in your life, you will need to seek it. And he is hanging around in your leisure, pleasure and flirtation sector…

The New Moon on March 27 is at a superb angle to your Sun. This is a perfect moment to finish off a particular project or an exploration of a certain area of knowledge or of the globe. You may just be closing one short chapter here in order to start another.

On the same day, Mars, the planet of action and adventure, stomps into your relationship sector. If nothing was happening here before, it’s all about to kick off in the next few weeks. Be prepared for some confrontations, and get your alliances lined up in advance — or take a break from it all. Stop trying so hard. These alliances may come from high up people though. It looks like your boss or your Dad is on your side, and wants you to succeed. You need to keep faith with your own talent and vision now.

You may also have a really supportive mentor or teacher, willing to pull her weight for you in March. Standing up to the bullies is much easier when you are willing to call on the people who know your worth.

March 24 looks like a good day to clear the air.

Mercury turns retrograde on March 22. This looks like a more than usually useful retrograde, but, as usual, try not to make any life-changing decisions without being sure of all the facts. This could be a retrograde when you make an important change in career direction.

On March 30, Venus begins to stimulate your social life. Have you thought about joining a club? You might like it, you know. It might be kind of fun to spend Easter weekend at a Club Med.

On the last day of the month, the Full Moon in Libra could bring a family situation to a head. This Full Moon is tightly connected to that Mercury Retrograde and the feisty Mars. At this moment, you will really feel the full impact of how changes in your outer circumstances are going to work on the homefront. This Full Moon may also have a bearing on your relationship with your mother, so spend some time with her if you can.



Tiger in a Tropical Storm — Henri Rousseau

Tiger in a Tropical Storm — Henri Rousseau


Dear Leo, you are still in a post-eclipse period — possibly coming to terms with some of the changes that took place at the end of January or in February. These shifts are part of the broad pattern of change this year.  A new book in your life story is opening. There will be more eclipses in July and August and then in January and February next year, so this process is not complete.

Remember that eclipses are in a broad 18-year cycle, with a mild repeat at nine years. Currently, the North Node, which tells us where eclipses will fall, is in Leo, and in nine years time it will be in Aquarius. So eclipses are currently taking place in your own sign and in your opposite sign, Aquarius. (Just a reminder really: there are no eclipses this month, but both Full Moons are within  a few degrees of aspect to the North Node.)

So — March comes in on the ripples of the eclipses of February 15 and January 31. The first Full Moon, on March 1, is in your house of cash, talent and establishing yourself as a viable person in the world. This is likely to shine a light on your resources — or lack of them! Some situation may even come to a head. Are you in debt? This could be a debt of honour perhaps. The answer is to get creative. It’s your talent and imagination that help you earn a crust.

There is a huge amount of energy at the start of the month, opposing that Full Moon and indeed diffusing that energy. It could be that you are called away from actually earning a living in order to deal with matters of the 8th house in early March. These would include secret information, inheritance, sexual intimacy — and death. I know, I know: that’s a completely weird combination of ideas (let me throw in taxes).

The connecting theme here is “the things that are yours but which belong to others” or the things you must share. The secrets, for example, may belong to the whole family. I have several clients with packed 8th houses who also have many skeletons in the closet which are not quite theirs to reveal, but are there to explore. This part of the chart is associated with depth psychology, and it does seem to have a connection with emotional habits. A more obvious playing out of this energy might be to do with taxes, alimony or a joint financial venture.

You have some good help from both Venus, the planet of harmony (and money), and Mercury the planet of communications in this area until March 6. You may be gathering information up until then, and then, when Mercury goes into Aries, you may be keen to act. However, Mercury is about to go retrograde, so all may not go entirely smoothly.

Mercury turns retrograde on March 22, but he is already in the shadow of that retrograde by the second week of March, so you will be feeling the effects soon. It is possible that you will have to do some travelling connected to this retrograde, or some rewriting or reworking of a “publishing” project — that is a paper, book, thesis, radio play, etc. It’s also possible that a lawsuit will be delayed or run into difficulties, but this is likely to be a simple matter of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts. The snarl-ups or delays connected with Mercury Rx are likely to take place this month — starting around March 8, and start desnarling as soon as April 1 — about half-way through the retrograde.

As usual, this is a brilliant opportunity for editing, revising, reviewing, redoing. It’s a fantastic retrograde if you are studying for an exam — possibly the best. Even if your exams are not until May, June or September, put in some revision now, or at least figure out how you’re going to do it. You may need more than one stab at this, so be patient with yourself.

Mercury makes a tough aspect to Saturn on three occasions during this retrograde and shadow period. The first is on March 11 and the other two are in April. It’s possible that some stumbling block may appear in your path. This could be to do with someone you have hired to help out, a colleague, or simply a matter of difficult timing. It’s also possible that you may run into a health issue — so take special care of your body during this retrograde.

Saturn will be in your house of daily routine and health for another two years, so you should be working on building your strength, and formalising your routines. This retrograde might be a good time to do some research on any topics that connect to this — eg how to run your business effectively, good habits, the right diets and exercise.

With Venus helping Mercury for much of this retrograde, look for support from women in particular, or a lover or partner. Listen to their advice.

The “publishing” or legal theme of this retrograde is emphasised by Jupiter, the planet which rules those areas, also turning retrograde on March 9.

Now Jupiter is at work at a very sensitive part of your chart — known as the house of endings and beginnings. You may already have a new baby in the family this year (two Leo clients had eclipse babies at the end of January) or have lost a parent (like me, with Leo Rising). Jupiter may also literally be expanding your footprint on the earth — e.g. you’re finally adding the library wing. Jupiter’s work here is essentially benevolent and sweeping, even when he turns retrograde, although sometimes it might not feel like that. He will be retrograde now until July 10, when he will station at a close angle to the eclipse point again. Jupiter is helping to make a wider path for the generations to come, clipping back the hedgerows, strimming the verge, letting light in through the overarching wild oaks.

And there may be legal repercussions from this, or you may find yourself having to travel, or you may find yourself creating a book, lecture, workshop out of the experience. Your horizons are certainly widening in surprising ways in March.

The New Moon brings our attention back to the 8th house. It’s a time for burying past wounds, old habits, debts of honour or of money. This is the final New Moon of the astrological year, and an important one for finishing off projects. In this country, appropriately, it’s the end of the tax year too.

Meanwhile, there’s an important item to note for you Leos. Ceres, the asteroid of mothers and motherhood, abundance and nourishment,  is turning direct in your sign on March 18. This asteroid was at the heart of the eclipse at the end of January — suggesting that for some of you at least, themes of birth, death and resurrection were highlighted. This may well be about your own personal experience of the birth of a new identity. And the effect may be subtle — or clear as a bell — as for my new Leo mothers and grandmothers. With Ceres now moving direct through your sign for several months, you will be up to your elbows in nappies — or their metaphorical equivalent.

The last 10 days of the month should see you feeling a great deal more in control of things, and less confused about the direction you are going. There is still much to sort out — what with Mercury actually turning retrograde on March 22. But with the Sun at a sweet angle to you (in Aries) until late April, you will be feeling much more clear-headed and can-do. It’s also important that you listen to other people’s advice now, because you seem to have some sound advisors helping you out.

There could be some adjustments that you need to make in your daily life during these weeks. For example, you may get some new people working for you who need training.

There is another important factor at work this month. During the first 17 days of March, Mars, the planet of action is in Sagittarius, at a very supportive angle to your Sun. You will be able to get a great deal of creative work done in these weeks, or it’s possible that your children are being particularly forceful and dynamic, maybe even taking over the reins for a while. If you are a writer, designer, artist, film-maker (in fact, anything that requires flair or imagination) you may be on fire during these weeks. Get as much down as you can now, because it will come in handy later.

After March 17, it looks as if you will simply have a lot of work to do — and you  will have the stamina and the willpower to move mountains now. It’s also likely that you will be restructuring your daily routine, or possibly having to confront an awkward colleague or employee.

Finally, on March 30, Venus, the goddess of love, moves into your house of status — sweet — where she will stay well into April, burnishing your reputation, and possibly bringing you some accolade. This should make the work that Mars is getting out of you more worthwhile.

On the last day of the month — in the midst of the holiday weekend — the second Full Moon highlights information and siblings. Frankly, it might be a day — if your tempers can be kept in check — to sit down and have a long, deep conversation with your sibs (or compadres). You could find what they have to say quite enlightening — and maybe even cheering.



Reading the Romaunt de La Rose

Reading the Romaunt de La Rose


March begins with a superb Full Moon in the middle of your sign, sending good vibes in both directions. This is a half-way point in your own astrological year — a time of completion, and possibly a sense of satisfaction about how the year has progressed so far. What have you achieved? Has it been a happy time? How have you dealt with the problems and obstacles along the way? You probably have quite a lot to feel proud of.

There is an enormous amount of energy right now in your partnership sign of Pisces, especially during the first week of March. The focus is entirely on your lovers, friends, business partners, even your lawyer or your shrink. The focus and the power is over there — so actually you can relax and let them get on with it.

And you should feel calm anyway, because you have superb support right now from both Saturn in your fellow earth sign Capricorn, and Jupiter in Scorpio, one of your compatible signs. Jupiter indicates that you have a group of close chums who are ready to help you when you need them. When Jupiter turns retrograde on March 9, some of those chums may start coming back into your life. It’s really a wonderful period to reach out to those friends, from even as far back as primary school: they want to hear from you.

Saturn is helping you to keep a steady course too. It could be that you are taking on extra responsibilities to do with children, or that you are having to take a hobby more seriously. Are you about to run a marathon or become a professional knitter? It’s worth putting in the extra effort now.

This month your little ruler Mercury is going to turn retrograde on March 22. He goes into Aries on March 6, which normally speeds you up, but this year he goes into the knot of the retrograde shadow just a few days later, so in fact it’s all about slowing down a bit and thinking things through. Mercury is also going to come into conflict with Saturn three times during this retrograde/shadow period. The first time will be on March 11, and you might want to pay attention to just what crops up then.

If you do run into a problem (probably to do with an intimate relationship, or money, or both) it will bring you up short. The thing is, there’s going to be a solution to this that will unfold over the next few weeks, although there will be a few chicanes to go through. At the same time, Venus in this part of your chart will help to smooth things out with a spoonful of sugar.

The New Moon marks an end to one phase of a close relationship. This Pisces New Moon occurs once a year, of course, but this year it is conjoined to Chiron, the wounded healer, currently in his final months in PIsces. It may mark the end of some trial or initiation period that your partner or partnership has gone through. It could be time for you both to move on to a new level. Of course, if you’re one of the (many) perfectly happy singleton Virgoes, this is more about how you feel about partnership.

On the same day, Mars, the action planet, makes an important shift into Capricorn. For the first 17 days of March, he’s been bombing around in your family sector, which may have meant fights with your parents or in-laws, or that the house itself has been disrupted — maybe by builders, or things breaking. When he moves into your fellow earth sign Capricorn, everything calms down a little, and the action shifts to a far more creative and exciting part of your life. Your children may get feisty, of course, and demand your attention — but your creativity, desire for romance and lust for life are all stimulated too.

When the Sun moves into Aries, on March 20, the attention shifts from the actual person of your partner to highlight all the things you have in common. There could be some conflict about this, of course, but you have ample time to resolve that thanks to the Mercury Retrograde. Watch out for some squalls on March 22 and 24 though and be prepared for some serious discussions about money.

On March 30, just in time for the long weekend, Venus slips into earthy Taurus, from whence she favours you with a wink and a kiss. Your attention has been committed to home and partners of late, and now you will feel as if you’re able to put your head above a parapet to see a much broader horizon.

At the final Full Moon of the month, your financial issues may again come into the spotlight, but it could be that you realise you have more control over your income than you thought. Take the time now to put your account books in order and give yourself some credit for how well you’ve managed so far this year.



The Knight’s Dream — Antonio de Pereda

The Knight’s Dream — Antonio de Pereda



 Water Serpents — Gustav Klimt

Water Serpents — Gustav Klimt


I like the look of March for you, dear Scorpio. The massive stellium in Pisces is hugely helpful — and should be a signal for you to relax, play, and lose yourself for a while in the world of imagination. Go to the movies. You need to let your mind flow and release.

As you know already, Jupiter, the greater benefic, is in your sign from October 2017 to November 2018. This is a lucky, expansive period. At times, things will seem overwhelming, but don’t let that stop you from grabbing on to opportunities when they turn up. There’s a balloon rising and you need to hold on to it. That Pisces hot air — the leisure time — is actually subtly helping.

So the most important news of the month is Jupiter’s Retrograde, in which the mighty planet stands still for a while in one part of your sign. Those of you born around November 15 will feel him pivoting on your Sun. Now the retrograde will provide you an opportunity to regroup and relax a little. Sometimes Jupiter can release so much emotion that it’s hard to stay focused. Now you have time to adjust, and many of you will be getting another bite at the Jupiter cherry over the coming few months, as he comes back to your own Sun.

So this turning period in March may feel like a breathing space. Go ahead and breathe.

The month kicks off with a very satisfactory Full Moon in your house of society and politics — perhaps you will get an invitation to a conference, or at least a realisation that the part you play within a certain group is actually pretty important. Nevertheless, the really powerful weight of energy this month is in that much more self-absorbed house of leisure, pleasure and children. Indeed, spending time with kids — or with your kid — looks like a hugely rewarding experience now.

It’s also a wonderful time for love affairs. With both Neptune and Venus in this most romantic part of your chart for the first week of March, some of you are bound to get swept off your feet.

On March 6, both Venus and Mercury break into Aries, and you may feel moved to start getting a bit more practical — indeed this is an ideal time to start a bit of a fitness regime and stretch those winter limbs. As your sap begins to rise, you’ll find yourself ready to get organised and think about work again. Colleagues or employees may also be unusually helpful.

However, this Mercury is about to turn retrograde. There could be some confusion almost as soon as he goes into Aries, but nothing to get worried about. You may have to redo a project, or better still, be asked to reboot or repeat a previously successful one. This could turn out to be quite lucrative in the long term, so make sure you read any contracts carefully. While your choices now are probably sound, be prepared to change your mind a few times. It’s also a good time to get in touch with colleagues, classmates or people who have done good work for you in the past.

There are a few sticky days to watch out for during Mercury’s tour through Aries. The first of these is on March 11. See what transpires on this day (if anything — not all transits have an effect). If there is a problem that crops up, you will likely figure it out and resolve any issues by early April.

Meanwhile, your traditional ruler, Mars, is in Sagittarius and the house of money for the first part of March — burning a hole in your pocket perhaps, but also firing you up to earn some money. You may get the idea now and then start working on the how when the Sun shifts into Aries on March 20. Mercury and Venus will lead the way there.

When Mars moves into Capricorn on March 17, gird yourself for some tremors. Mars will activate all the heavy energy of Saturn, Pluto and Lilith in this wintry sign. The good news is that this energy is at a positive angle to your Sun, even if other people may not feel it that way, and since Mars is your ruling planet, it may be you that’s stirring things up.

First of all, Mars in Capricorn is really great for getting a project off the ground. For example, you have created a product but you haven’t promoted it — until now. Or you’ve designed a rock garden but you haven’t lifted a stone — until now. In particular, studying, teaching and travel are brilliantly aspected. If you wanted to learn a new skill in a short course, you’d finish it with flying colours in a short space of time.

Really try and leverage this Mars transit. You can do some heavy intellectual lifting now. Another example would be: you are a scientist with a really difficult problem to solve — you’ll make good progress now. Of course, with that Mercury Retrograde, you’re going to have to redo your experiment a few times. This Mars transit sharpens your mind.

Another important factor in March comes when Ceres, the planet of abundance, turns direct on your Midheaven. In non-astro speak, that could have something to do with your mother — maybe she’s changing her mind about something that was holding you back — or your reputation and status. It could be that you have had to rethink your own position as a carer. Now it’s full steam ahead.

When the Sun moves into Aries on March 20, you’re ready to strap on your chaps and pull down your stetson and get back in the saddle. Oh boy, you’re mighty when you’re focused!

Watch out for the day Mercury turns Rx, March 22, and the day the Sun makes a hard aspect to your ruler, Mars. Both look a little sticky at work.

On March 24, Venus dances elegantly in your house of social relations and every interaction goes down with a spoonful of honey for another three weeks. Charm the pants off someone, or better yet, let someone charm off yours.

Finally, there’s a Full Moon to round off March in your house dreams and collective emotion. This chimes in beautifully with the Piscean vibes earlier in the month when you were luxuriating in your own imagination. The Full Moon is here to remind you that you always have an inner refuge, you own private Idaho (or even Penge). Have a relaxing long weekend!



Orphee — Odilon Redon

Orphee — Odilon Redon


Dear Sag, you have another 17 days of Mars filling you with hot, inspiring, busy energy. Of course, you are likely to be no slouch anyway, but this extra burst of fire comes only every two years, so use every ounce of it to get things done — including getting yourself fit. Are you a runner?

At the same time, a great deal of your attention and energy is likely to be focused on home and family in the first part of March. This may conflict with your own personal agenda — indeed you may even have a row on the day of the Full Moon on this very topic. This conflict will resolve quickly, so don’t waste energy getting hung up on it — just move on.

On another note entirely, that magnificent Full Moon could well be burnishing your reputation in the big world. If your family fails to realise this, try to shrug it off. You know how much you’ve achieved.

Besides, on that same day (such a busy one!) Venus, the planet of love, sends your ruler Jupiter a sweet, sexy kiss. Is it time to invite someone special home? Or is it just that someone at home is already a delight? Either way, there’s something rather bedroomy and nocturnal about this exchange.

This first week of March is also an excellent time for a bit of home decorating. Get it over with now though, because you have a lot of other things to do this year. Also try to get anything fixed that needs it in this first week of March.

From March 6 onwards the month’s energy gradually gets hotter and hotter, which should suit you just fine. Energy is building in your fellow fire sign Aries as we move towards the Spring Equinox.

The big item this month is, of course, your ruler Jupiter turning retrograde. Now this is no bad thing. Jupiter is currently in your 12th house, expanding your inner world and possibly your connection to the Big O. In other words, this is considered a profoundly spiritual transit, but that is often not the bag of the Sag — although admittedly, you make superb gurus given the opportunity.

Nevertheless, as Jupiter stations and turns retrograde, slowing down to a halt, you may find yourself becoming extremely philosophical, contemplating eternity, beauty, and the numinous. This should actually be enjoyable, and you might as well throw yourself into the embrace of the cosmos. Read Siddartha (again), or Joseph Campbell or Women Who Run With Wolves. Book yourself on a retreat, especially if you can go somewhere exotic and foreign. How about an ashram? You have until November, of course, but the best time for it is between now and July.

So Mercury and Venus trot into Aries hand in hand lighting up your creativity, passion and sense of adventure — oh my. Venus here is truly in her element. This is a super transit for love affairs, making art and making babies. It’s also not bad for gambling either.

At the same time, Mercury starts out his trek through here, but he is walking straight into a meandering, and possibly confused retrograde in Aries. This adds an element of confusion and crossed-wires to any romantic involvement — are you embarking on a secret affaire? But it’s superb if you have a creative project that is going to need some serious rethinking, or even just thinking. Your mind is going to be on fire, and even more original than usual.

Venus and Mercury could also connect you to some children. These may be your own or someone else’s. The point is you are on that wavelength — so get down with the kidz.

The New Moon in Pisces brings attention back to your family. This Moon makes a lovely aspect to your own ruler Jupiter, so you may well feel a really beautiful connection now to your ancestors, or the dear departed — and you may also gain a deeper feeling about your role in the family. This is a matter for your emotions: feeling not thinking, intuition not logic. You may well be able to bury and forgive some past hurts — maybe from a parent. This does mean the pain is likely to surface again, but this time you have the ability to look at it, touch it, feel it, and then put it where it belongs: in the past.

This New Moon could be about memory for you, in short. It’s a time to get those memories aired, so that you can clear the air and move forward. That means acknowledging the past, not forgetting or burying it – not stitching the wound shut, but cleaning it, assessing it and making sure it does not fester.

A few days later, the Sun zooms into Aries. Spring is here, and you should feel those green shoots of unfurling all around you. Life is, apparently, exciting.

Of course, spring this year looks like it may have some unexpected twists and turns, but nevertheless is all interesting. One issue may be money. You have to sort this out, and Mars, the planet of action will be here to help you. Your income may have become smaller or your outgoings may have gotten bigger this year already, so keep an eye on those purse strings. With Mars in action you may have to spend in order to gain, but you can also come up with smart ways of cutting those expenses. Saturn in this part of your chart until 2020 is putting you through your paces when it comes to bookkeeping, so don’t shy away from this lesson.

Watch out for March 22 and 24. Around the 22, be careful of having your pocket picked, or losing money on the geegees. Hold on to what you have.

A few days later, March 30, Venus will move on from this rather luscious trip through Aries into a more workaday aspect — although work could be fun for the next few weeks.

The final Full Moon of the month falls right in your most sociable house. It looks like you might get invited to an interesting party full of clever, cultured people. If not, make it your business to spend the Full Moon in a clever cultured place, cultivating some contacts or connections. Enjoy the long weekend.



Devanda’s Auspicious Dreams — Kalpasutra Manuscript

Devanda’s Auspicious Dreams — Kalpasutra Manuscript


Your ruler Saturn is making excellent, if sedate, time through his favourite sign — Capricorn! Are you feeling it yet? Some cricks and crinkles getting straightened out. For those of you born in December, this may feel something like a session with a good osteopath.

As you may know, Saturn isn’t going to make any exact aspects to the other heavy planets — Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter or Neptune — in 2018. However, more widely, Saturn will be in a compatible sign to all the outer planets through 2018. And in March this especially pertains to Neptune, who is sending a supportive beam to his dad. Indeed, these two seem to be getting along rather well throughout 2018. This focusses on communications, learning and ideas. It’s as if your mind is being gently expanded in 2018, and perhaps never more so than in March, when a massive stellium in Pisces is helping you to think more creatively, and meet more artistic or imaginative people. Maybe you’re forming a band in your basement, or joining a writers’ circle. You seem almost overwhelmed by ideas.

Any activity to do with communications is favoured in the first week of March — creating a podcast, writing a newsletter or creating an Instagram persona.

This crowded house of mind (and buddies) is balanced by the Full Moon in Virgo on the first day of the month, also at a beautiful angle to your Sun. This may give you a clue about how you can get whatever it is you are learning out to a wider audience. It’s possible you may find you need to travel somewhere to realise some of your ideas. The Full Moon is one that should broaden your horizons, so make sure you read a book or go see an enlightening exhibition.

After that first week, a certain amount of tension begins to mount as the planets begin their pile up in Aries. Now Aries is a fellow can-do cardinal sign, whose job is to galvanise you into action, but sometimes that galvanising can be a little stressful. This may be true around March 11-13, when there appears to be some trouble from your family or home that you are called on to deal with. This situation may not resolve right away, since Mercury is about to go in retrograde motion on March 22 and is already in the shadow of that retrograde. Indeed, the little planet of mind will be making tough contacts to Saturn in April also.

Saturn is concentrating on the asteroids (Juno, Pallas, Ceres and Vesta) and the inner planets (Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars — in 2018.On March 13, Juno makes a neat sextile to Saturn. This encourages the signing of contracts, the making of deals, the promise of commitment.

The New Moon in Pisces on March 17 should return your focus to that learning curve. It’s a perfect time to complete a project or idea, and then start another one. Your brain appears to have been so full and bubbling and churning that it would be an excellent moment just to stop and clear your mind for a while: even a live wire like you needs to give the brain a rest sometimes.

On the same day, Mars, the planet of action bursts into your sign, ready to trigger all those hard-hitting planets. You could well feel a surge of physical energy around now, as you get ready to leap over obstacles, manage people into submission and bulldoze your way to get what you want. Mars will be here for six weeks, teaming up with Saturn, Pluto and Lilith — and making you an unstoppable force — remind me not to stand in your way this spring.

So the Sun moves into Aries, lighting up your home life for the last 10 days of March. It is truly a perfect moment for spring cleaning, especially since Venus is there too. There does seem to be a surprise in the garden shed though. Watch out for March 29, sparks could fly — although the look like rather splendid ones that could blossom in to flowers.

On March 30, Venus springs into Taurus and perfect harmony with your sign for the next three weeks — that’s superb timing for the Easter weekend. There is no more delightful transit than this one. Love is in the air, and so are art, beauty, luxury and leisure. I hope you’re planning a proper holiday.

On the last day of the month, the Full Moon is all about career and ambition. Set your sights as high as you can, dear Capricorn. This year, the world truly is your oyster. (But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take this opportunity to relax.)



Dream of the Palace — Giotto

Dream of the Palace — Giotto


A question you might want to ask yourself this year is “Am I using all my talent?”

Because whatever your talent is — singing, engineering, caring, flower-arranging, admin (and probably you have several) — there’s a question of either frittering it away in 2018, or finding that it expands and increases marvellously.

This year, you have one of the luckiest transits in a decade for reputation and career. Beneficial Jupiter is pouring potential onto your Midheaven. This should get you noticed by the “boss”, or turn you into the boss (or a parent). You may even win a prize or two in 2018 — but only if you throw your hat in the ring. Jupiter leaves this area in November, so you have plenty of time.

Around March 9, Jupiter stands still (particularly affecting those of you born around February 12) which intensifies that potent energy — and then turns retrograde. This means the weeks either side of that date are thick with positive Jupiterian energy pouring down into your chart. It’s a classic transit for marriage for example — especially if that marriage improves your status. It’s also a classic transit for taking a risk, maybe moving country for example. There is a big world out there, Aquarius, and we need your talents.

During the first part of March, there’s an enormous amount of energy in the house of values, money and talent. You should use this to explore several of your various abilities, and make sure that you are properly rewarded for them. These are talents that help you earn a living in the real world. As the month begins, Venus in this part of your chart sends a fantastic beam to that heavenly Jupiter. This may be a stroke of financial fortune, but try to leverage it if you have time: the exceptional good luck vibe continues for another six days. Maybe you’ll get a promotion.

Mercury is working with Venus in that money house until March 6, when both move on to gee up your communications. But the Sun is still shining there until March 20, making nice signals to Jupiter.

Now Mercury is interesting this month. He dives into his shadow within days of entering Aries — normally a sign which speeds him up. This is your house of communications, so no wonder you have a reputation for being straightforward. There’s going to be a lot of toing and froing in March and April. Expect mistakes, a computer failure, a giant traffic jam, a car breakdown during this shadow phase and the first part of the retrograde — from now until the end of the month. Be especially wary on the day Mercury actually turns retrograde on March 22 and the days around it.

The upside of this retrograde is that it’s in the house of communications, so it’s great for getting together with old compadres (classmates, siblings, ex-work colleagues) and having a lovely reminisce. It’s also the best retrograde of all for editing — be that text, film, sound or anything else. Your scissors will be sharp and accurate — and, as we all know, the best product has had the most ruthless cuts. Start sharpening on March 6 and make the first cuts on March 8. With Venus also in this house, you won’t go too far – in fact you’ll quickly hit the sweet point.

Between March 11 and 13 you may run into an obstacle. This might be a mental block of your own, but you’ll find a workaround within the next three weeks. And please take extra care driving on those days.

There are three lunations this month and the first two (the Full Moon on March 1-2, and the New Moon on March 17) are highlighting your finances. In particular, the Full Moon could well be the completion and possible pay off of a debt. The New Moon takes place in that house of talents, so take time to think about how you apply your talents and whether you should be using them more. New Moons are moments to bury things and seed them —  to let go of something and catch the first tiny thread of the next thing.

Meanwhile, Mars, the planet of action, is at a very nice angle to your Sun during the first 17 days of March. You may be busy socially. It’s a good time to join a new club or society, to go on a march, to start a campaign — especially since that fits in with the energy building in your communications sector.

On March 20, the spring equinox, the Sun burst into Aries and lights up your communications even more. Maybe it’s time for a publicity blitz. Keeping in mind that with Mercury retrograde, the emphasis is on going back to all your old contacts and reminding them how marvellous you are.

This last 10 days of March look really busy and you might find it hard to keep up. March 29 will be an exceptionally interesting day for news. On that day, Venus, the planet of love conjoins Uranus, your ruler and the planet of the unexpected, for the final time in Aries. These two have been meeting here annually since 2011, trying to get some love started perhaps. This is a day to spread the love, I think — even if it’s just with a couple of emojis!

The following day, Venus enters your home life — maybe you’ll be purchasing a new painting to put over the fireplace. It’s certainly a good time for a bit of spring cleaning over the next few weeks.

Finally, the month ends with a plummy Full Moon at a superb angle to Aquarius. This Full Moon lights up your fellow air sign Libra and may send you into orbit, giving you the widest horizons. It’s a wonderful weekend for travel — Mercury Rx suggests going somewhere you’ve been frequently — or for studying. Really, if you have an Easter break, go and suck up some culture for four days. What about Seville or Prague?



Bartholomeus Anglicus De Proprietatibus Rerum

Bartholomeus Anglicus De Proprietatibus Rerum


Qué onda, baby?

This truly is your moment, dear Pisces. The whole world is flooded with fishy vibes — and despite what you might think — right now is exceptionally lucky for you. But you do need to jump on that opportunity surfboard, or maybe just crawl onto the boogie board.

There is a huge build-up of energy in your sign, with Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Juno, the Sun and Chiron all clustering in Pisces. You may feel quite a lot of pressure — but you also have a lot of power to get things moving in your direction.

Add to that the fact that Jupiter is at a sweet angle to Pisces all the way to November, and you have a pretty potent cocktail. Mind you, those Pisces inclined to drown their sorrows in drink — and you should know who you are — need to be especially mindful. Don’t let the booze take over.

But back to the good stuff. All that Pisces power plus Jupiter in one of his favourite positions — the guru in the house of gurus — should help you to broaden your horizons. If you are at university as teacher or student, in publishing or broadcasting, or in some other way in the business of knowledge, then this is a brilliant year for you. Keep in mind that Jupiter will reach the pinnacle of your chart for the first time in 12 years at the end of 2018 and into 2019, and understand that you should be working towards that. This means entering your work for the prize now if necessary.

Jupiter here is also helping you to get the best expert advice, and win court cases. Yes, that’s right. If you really must to go to court, don’t worry too much — just do it. The planets are in your favour.

At the same time, Saturn is also working for you too, especially if you were born around February 26. This could be in the form of practical help from the government (a grant perhaps) or some other institution. Take whatever is offered, and listen to advice. You can benefit from the stability of larger organisations.

On the first day of the month, the Full Moon lights up your one-to-one relationships. These are the people you care about and who care about you. A particular relationship may blossom into something more on this day. Of course, emotions are alway heightened at the Full Moon and truths tend to be told, but this truth looks like something you want to hear. On this same day, Venus, the planet of love, makes an exceptionally lucky and loving aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio. This is considered one of the best transits of the year anyway, and to have it on this Full Moon is truly delightful.

You should feel loved this day, and this week, and also able to be generous yourself. Pisceans are often a soft touch, but remember that you have support from Saturn and Jupiter, so you don’t need to be a doormat. Jupiter is encouraging you to take a philosophical approach to your own role in the world.

At the same time as all this positive energy is flooding through your chart, there is a little difficulty from Mars, the fiery warrior. He is stomping across your Midheaven, and this may manifest as a difficult boss or gnarly parent. Don’t worry, you are more than capable of dealing with this. You have way more power in your pocket than he, she or they. The solution to this is likely to be a dose of that legendary Piscean prestidigitation. Watch the right hand while the left hand does the trick; blind them with charm and stagecraft. You are especially capable at this in the first six days of March.

On March 6, Venus and Mercury move into your money house, and you should find yourself very efficiently dealing with financial matters. Which is just as well, as it looks like you have some issues to sort out. Mercury dives into the shadow of his retrograde on March 8, and you may be uncovering some financial screw ups over the next three weeks. On March 11, there may be a roadblock, but you will be able to go round this by the end of the month. Just take it slowly and carefully.

Mercury Rx gives you the opportunity to sort things out. Do be prepared for cheques to go astray, payments to go missing and be careful of your online financial security. It’s a great time to straighten out your bookkeeping — all the more so as the financial year comes to an end.

Mercury actually turns retrograde on March 22, and the closer we get to that date the more likely there is to be a mistake, so be extra vigilant. On the other hand, your greater attention to detail right now means that you are likely to make better decisions. Just don’t act on them until Mercury goes direct. This Mercury Rx could well be about taking back financial control.

The other big Retrograde this month is your traditional ruler, Jupiter. He is standing quite still (affecting especially those of you born around March 13), pausing for breath in his long and sticky wade through murky (yet interesting) Scorpio. This gives you, too, time to breathe and to ensure that you have all the information you need. It’s an exceptional Retrograde for deep study, deep teaching and deep understanding. Get thee to the library… or ashram.

Just a quick aside about Jupiter turning direct again on July 10. This transit through Scorpio is considered an auspicious time for Pisces to make a pilgrimage. Think about organising something now for the summer or autumn.

On March 17, your annual New Moon is close to Chiron, the wounded healer, at a tough angle to Mars in Sagittarius. This could be a moment when you have to cut something or someone off. On the same day, Mars changes signs, so this situation appears to be evolving rapidly. When assessing your course of action, try to choose the one you will be most proud of in the future. If you have to deal with someone else’s anger, take the high ground and wait a beat.

Mars’s move into Capricorn is good for you. It looks like he may set the wheels of an institution (Saturn) moving for you, releasing a lot of supportive energy. It’s a good time to seek out groups — eg AA, Citizens Advice, etc — who may turn out to be invaluable in the long run.

On March 20, the Sun leaves Pisces for another year, but don’t forget that you still have Neptune, Chiron and Juno in your sign, and Jupiter and Saturn supporting you this year.

Juno, by the way, is an asteroid of partnership — not so much love-matches, but political and practical partnership and long marriages. This means that her presence in your sign does make it a good year to sign contracts and make long-standing arrangements.

This last 10 days of March look just as busy as the first part of the month, but the focus does shift to finances — watch out for some issues around March 22-24. Keep a tight hold of your wallet on those days. You may also run into some unexpected expenses, so be prepared.

But on the other hand, there’s an intriguing conjunction on March 30 — the final contact between Venus and Uranus in Aries. They’ve met here annually since 2011. This could be a final piece of financial good news. It’s quite likely that over those years your income and expenditure have gone up and down like a yo-yo in an unpredictable way.

On March 30, Venus moves into Taurus and will be at a nice angle to your Sun throughout April. Get in touch with your sibs and arrange a hang out over the Easter weekend.

On that weekend, the Full Moon in Libra sheds some soft luminosity over your shared resources. How much do you contribute? And could you put in more? It’s tightly configured with that Mercury Retrograde busily going through your books. Have you over-reached yourself, and how can you keep your expenses under control? It looks as if there are some loopholes that you should consider investigating.

Happy Birthday month, dear Pisces.





“Spring was coming but hadn’t arrived yet.

I walked on the edge of the park.

The wind whispered a secret to the trees,

which held their breath

and scarcely moved.

On the other side of the street,

the skyscrapers stood on tiptoe.”

from Late March by
Edward Hirsch



Mar 1/2 — Full Moon 11° Virgo

— Mercury in Pisces square Mars in Sag

— Venus in Pisces trine Jupiter
Mar 4 — Mercury conjunct Venus

Mar 6 — Mercury into Aries

— Venus into Aries

March 8 — Mercury into the Shadow — 4°

Mar 9 — Jupiter Retrograde

Mar 11 — Mercury square Saturn 8° (no.1)

Mar 13 — Venus square Saturn


Mar 17 — New Moon 27° Pisces 

— Mars into Capricorn

Mar 18 — Ceres Direct 4° Leo


Mar 20 — Sun into Aries — Spring Equinox

Mar 22 — Mercury Retrograde 17° Aries

—- Venus square Pluto

Mar 24 — Sun square Mars 4°

Mar 29 — Venus conjunct Uranus — last time in Aries

Mar 30  —- Venus into Taurus


Mar 31 — Full Moon 11° Libra 
Vesta in Sagittarius

Ceres in Leo

Pallas in Taurus

Juno in Pisces



“A few light flakes of snow

Fall in the feeble sun;

Birds sing in the cold,

A warbler by the wall. The plum

Buds tight and chill soon bloom.”

from Kyoto: March
by Gary Snyder



The scent of hyacinths, like a pale mist, lies

between me and my book;
And the South Wind, washing through the room,
Makes the candles quiver.
My nerves sting at a spatter of rain on the shutter,
And I am uneasy with the thrusting of green shoots
Outside, in the night.

Why are you not here to overpower me with your

tense and urgent love?

Vernal Equinox
by Amy Lowell