These personal testimonials are from the most recent.
Thank you all.


“Just wanted to say I got much more from your chart reading and also your articles than I have from therapy! A therapist doesn’t have the insight a good astrologer has. When you read my chart, I felt seen and heard, and more importantly, understood. A therapist isn’t going to be able to talk about spiritual awakening or know about energies affecting us all, nor will they know how those energies affect us individually. Without this dimension, the support is lacking. There’s a whole world of experience they’re not addressing. I felt much better after talking with you for an hour than I have in months of therapy. I felt supported”

V — Brighton

“What can I say and where do I start when I talk about the amazing reading I just had with the talented Christina. She really is like no other astrologer I have ever come across. What she does lies in her detail, accuracy  and her sincere want to help you on your life’s journey.  Her sincerity is something I found truly heart touching and rare in my encounters with people of this profession. Christina is a rare “ light”  in this world and I felt like she showed me that there was hope and light at the end of the tunnel after speaking to her. I was so shocked by her ability to delve into my life from just reading my birth chart ! I can not recommend Christina enough – a beautiful , kind , soulful and compassionate soul who has a real passion and flare for astrology. What ever needs to be unearthed shall be so and you will leave your reading understanding why things have been this way and how best to move forward with an action plan. 10/10

S. P. — London

“…I have recently registered to the recording of the session and I just want to say how useful it is to have. An amazing resource of signposts and affirmations, stimulations. Some things you said have become quite central in my thoughts about life, my own life. So firstly I’m saying how remarkable what you do is, and saying so thank you again…”

T – Ontario

“…I realize this is possibly the deepest truth about me. And it has now been brought to my consciousness level. It is true, and it shines. It also hurts, but it shines. So many years of psychotherapy, and this did it in a instant. Like a revelation… In short, I am grateful we’ve been able to have these conversations…”
C — Austin, TX

“You gave me so much to process and your words have been so much: thought provoking, enlightening, revealing and above all reassuring and empowering, enabling a great deal of my faith and self-confidence lost over the last years to return – I feel it.”

M — Berlin

“Thank you so much for such an incredible, accurate, and eye opening reading. I learned so much about myself, my spiritual, emotional and creative needs, with you today, and cannot thank you enough for your time, and work. ”

B — London

“Thank you for such a detailed and thought provoking reading – there is so much there to digest and I have already found it incredibly helpful – you are obviously gifted in what you do as well as being very kind.”

B – Amsterdam

“Christina is incredible and I would highly recommend her to any friend looking for a great astrologer.  She’s intuitive, warm and friendly. Also, she is detail oriented and really gives you a comprehensive understanding of how astrology works. Try her out and you won’t regret it!” —

V — New York City

“Thank you so very very much for such an extraordinary reading, and such a fascinating conversation… I’m both enlightened and invigorated by hearing the things that you told me – it was such a relief to hear that certain painful and long astrological patterns may soon be coming to an end. And it was amazing to hear things (even unhappy and dark things) that I’d suspected finally laid out in black and white… I’m truly gobsmacked by the truths you uncovered and by your helpful interpretations and suggestions. Now I’ve waffled on after all (Gemini rising, eh..!). But I just really wanted to say a big thank you.”

H — Oxford

“I wanted to say thank you so much for such an insightful, energising reading last week.
You managed to be more acute than a career counsellor, a therapist and a creative coach all in one session.”

K — Sheffield

“Through her reading, Christina has grouted the gaps in the mosaic of my life as it’s built up so far – no more falling blindly into the cracks along the path of my destiny. Christina’s insights have threaded together the meaning behind past traumas and now light the way ahead. Without a doubt, her reading represented the best £95 I have ever invested in trying to make sense of life’s assaults.”

S — London

“I cannot begin to explain how useful and brilliant your reading was! I must say I was very much shaken! … Having this conversation with you was really a privilege. Things that have taken me years to find out you pin down in a second. I wish I have met you before but as we say in Spain: “Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena”.”

M – Madrid

“Last week, I was given the most *wonderful* gift (thank you, Christina!) A consult with The Oxford Astrologer! I just wanted to take a mo to share this incredible resource with all of my friends… This wonderful, witty, insightful, razor sharp woman is just such a fantastic counsellor; she has all the nuts and bolts astronomy science part of it down cold, but what shines over-arching like the night sky itself, is her bang-on brilliant intuitive gift… I just listened to my tape of the session, again(!), and I know that I will in the future, any time I need a good swift kick in the butt to stay on track, live true to my truth, and see and a clear path though the brambles… , Anyways, I highly, absolutely recommend the Oxford Astrologer to any and all who want a clarifying look at the currents of their lives; sure does help to chart your path when you’ve got a grasp of the waters you’re sailing….
Thank you so much for your insights, Christina, and thank you Isabel for first gifting me with a session and (re)introducing me to a valued soul-friend. (What is it with this life time; so many old friends touching base? :D)”

— Lili, Vancouver Island

Talking to you helped me immensely in understanding myself, I stopped wasting time on deliberating whether how I feel is right or wrong and I just enjoy every moment. Meeting you has been so precious to me, I am grateful for the new energy and wisdom that I have discovered within myself.

— A. Oxford

I really want to thank you deeply for the amazing astrology conversation we had. I also want to thank you for listening to me. I feel your perspective or your translation of the cosmic perspective helped to shift something in me and I feel a renewed inner strength to face my life in this difficult transition phase. I also woke yesterday feeling more compassion for the couple I care for, and when I am able to be conscious of what is being mirrored in me, I am also able to step back and allow a more healing energy to work through me.

— L – South Africa

I’m still staggered by the powerful truths that you saw immediately (and which no other astrologer has ever commented on)

I found our session to be rich, informative, and, most important, helpful to my outlook in a rather difficult time.

T – South Carolina

Thank you for the truly wonderful consultation this morning. I’ve never had a more illuminating and nuanced reading.

P – New York

Thank you so much for yesterday’s consultation. You were spot on about everything. Your insight and interpretations were incredibly accurate and your advice is most appreciated. As someone interested and believing in astrology, I have had many birth charts over the years. I must say no one has picked up what you did: “The inhibiting factor of my dad” which was probably the most effective factor in my life. From outside, people were always jealous of me as I was well provided for and looked privieleged to have such a father but in reality it has “inhibited” me to do anything I ever wanted until I managed to break through with my marriage. … You also very interestingly picked up on “dual personality” … It’s all spot on about my mother, my motherhood, even when you said “you feel as if I am cosmologically protected!” A sufi master who has been like father to me all my adult life has passed away in May this year. I always believed he has spiritaully guided and protected me…

L – London

I wanted to thank you again for all your help. Finding your site and speaking to you has been a wonderful blessing for me during a time that has felt very dark indeed. Finally speaking about the last six years has been a tremendous help.

J – Adelaide

Thank you so much Christina. The consultation was both therapeutic and motivational. Our conversation not only empowered me but also helped me recognize the main issues which I have the power to transform and are transforming me. Even in the face of the themes in my chart, in the end you helped me understand that I have an edge, I can elevate myself, my consciousness and find beauty, the divine in life. Your message was that I’m being looked out for, so I am going to use that message wisely.

V- Miami

“Thank you for the reading yesterday in Oxford. It was very insightful and helped me to understand better who I am and what I am currently going through in my life. The way you explained things was simple and straight to the point regardless if they were positive or challenging which helped me to review everything and plan my next steps with more confidence.”
N – Yorkshire
“Without sounding overly religious and if I am, please forgive me; I just wanted to say may God bless you and a big thank you. You have absolutely no idea what our discussion today has meant to me and how it will help me better chart the course of my life. I feel like “Finally, someone who REALLY gets what I’m going through.” …..
I believe, now more than ever, that things happen for a reason. Why/How did I ever end up on your website? Why now? I don’t know. But I’m grateful to God that it happened. I’m still trying to digest all that you have shared with me today and I’m sure that I will have questions; and probably requests for follow-up sessions. In the meantime, I will keep you abreast of my “baby steps”, well the more important ones anyway.
Again, thank you sooo much and remain blessed.”
R – Baltimore

“You told me what to do. I did it. And it changed my life.”
J – Oxford

“You were dead on. … Thank you for your potent, pertinent reading.”
D – New York City

“I got so much from our session but I am still a bit shell-shocked. Some of it was stuff I was already thinking myself, but the confirmation is very important to me – ”

C – London

“Thank you very much for the session and for being
non-judgemental, though I suspect you’ve heard it all by this point!
You were spot on with so many things and I am really happy to have
found you…”

V – California

“I have been so lost and depressed, it really helped me to see a map of how my life has unfolded so far. I think I may be able to navigate a new way forward now, thanks to you.”
P – Oxford

“Thank you so much for that great reading. My mind is just fizzing with possibilities and excitement. I feel like this has been a key part of the awakening process. You woke me up.”
C – New Zealand

“Your compassionate and non-judgmental approach to my issue was a huge relief to me and allowed me to take a fresh view of the whole situation. I think I’m going to go study astrology.” – T Buffalo, NY

“I think the thing that was most amazing and valuable to me in our readings was the sense that you were listening to me, and listening deeply. You received my responses during the reading, setting off a spiraling or circuitous feeling of connecting then reconnecting on larger themes from several angles, themes that were not obvious upon first glance. You are very good at diving deep WITH someone. I felt seen in a way I don’t when the astrologer does all the talking and doesn’t stray from the first impression of what they see in my chart. I felt like my readings were fresh baked, sprung directly from your celestial oven, and I had something to do with the mix. Extremely satisfying. I can tell a reading is good for me when I refer back to it a lot.”
S – California

“You are so amazing! You are absolutely spot on… I so appreciate your insight and wisdom. I no longer have to look for an astrologer. I have found the best!” J – California

“I wanted to thank you again for the consultation last week. There were a lot of things to cover and I was frequently biting my tongue because I didn’t want the discussion to digress too much. In regards to Mars retrograde in my 2nd house being related to money, that was quite funny because you were so accurate…since we spoke I’ve inquired about bankruptcy law and it seems I may be able to solve my problems far more easily than I thought.” A – Melbourne

“You really helped me to take the long view of my life and put it in perspective. And you really listened to me. I felt like a huge burden had been lifted when I left your house…” A – Oxford

“I was a little unsure what to expect, but I found the session extremely useful. As you say, it has definitely given me some food for thought. I have been busy thinking things over in my head since last Tuesday – what you said feels right. I think I always knew about some of the things you explained, but I was not able to articulate it (to myself or other people).” – X – Newbury

“…so far everything we talked about has materialised…Thank you for all your kindness …”
R – London

“Listening again [to the CD], I am reminded of your wisdom and humanity. Thanks again for a great reading.”
S – Oxford

“Dear Christina thank you so much for everything. It is very unusual to have such a precise picture of who we are. Amazing… Thank you. Your style of writing is fun and full of energy”
C – Burundi

“I found it extremely helpful, insightful, and reassuring. Funny enough, the very next day (Fri) I ended up getting a job! … How weird is that?! I have to say, I went into the interview on Friday more confident about myself as a person and I attribute a big part of that to our discussions. So again, thank you!”
L – London

“I can’t believe how accurate you were – and how useful it was. It was like having a very strong light shone on my soul. I can see stuff that’s bugged me for years in a whole new way now and it doesn’t seem like I’m stuck anymore. How did you know that stuff? Thanks”
D – Oxford

“You showed me a new way of looking at things that really woke me up. I don’t think I’m ever going to look at my life in the same way again. I feel so much better!”
M – Virginia

“Wow – I feel good after that. It was like a spa or something for my mind. It was really positive. And I feel it was also very true. I feel good about myself.”
E – Oxford

“It has been amazing everything you told me… happens!!!!! ” A – Oxford

“Thank you for today’s consultation. It was really beneficial and useful in particular giving details of the current planet positions in my chart and providing explanations and interpretations related to my question and subject of the consultation. After the session the previously unclear situation made sense and I knew better which direction to move forward. Glad I found your website and had an opportunity to talk to you – phone consultation saved time to go and see you in person and still was very efficient! Thanks!”
S – Leeds