Sunday February 9th 2020

Shahsavan Kilim

To understand astrology is to see patterns: geometry across space, cycles through time, patterns of behaviour or events.

At the time of writing, a virus spreads across China, the president of the United States breaks that country’s constitution, locusts ravage East Africa, giant fires roar across Australia, the European Union loses a key member…

There is a pattern. In the simplest terms, rules are broken, boundaries are breached. The conjunction of Saturn, Ceres and Pluto in January at 23° Capricorn is at work: endings and breakthroughs. 

This triple conjunction will shape the rest of the year and probably the rest of the decade or even century. As yet, we don’t know which particular event will be most important. Who knew back in 1517, that Martin Luther had stuck his treatise protesting the rules of the Catholic Church to that door in Wurtemberg? Not many people I expect. It’s only now, with the benefit of hindsight, that we can see this was one of the most crucial events of that last conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of government and supranational institutions. It marked the beginning of the Reformation. Even the word re-formation speaks of a Saturnian change.

Maybe, today, right now, in some corner of the world an individual is making a similar statement that will change the course of human history.

The conjunction is triggered repeatedly throughout 2020, particularly by the warrior planet Mars, which first makes a conjunction in March to that 23°, and then a harsh square from Aries three times in the autumn.

Here in the UK, borders are being dissolved and reformed thanks to Brexit. Great Britain has been divided once again from its nearest neighbours and from within by disagreement over Brexit. The conjunction is on the Moon of The Treaty of Rome, the founding document of the European Community. It’s also quincunx the UK Saturn in the 11th — the disempowered parliament perhaps; and on the UK Vesta, the legacy we leave to our children.

In the United States, the laws and principles written in the Constitution, the bedrock of American democracy, have been broken. The conjunction was opposite the US Mercury (words, paperwork) in the 8th house of joint values and assets. The president has been impeached (the conjunction is opposite his Saturn), but because he’s also been let off by the Senate, he’s more unfettered than ever before


In China, the coronavirus has put up boundaries around cities, imprisoned people in their homes, grounded aircraft, and indeed put the whole country in quarantine. There is something very prison-like about this conjunction. It’s actually directly on China’s 12th house Jupiter putting an absolute stop on expansion. It will be interesting to see what happens when Saturn conjoins China’s Ascendant at 1° Aquarius later in the year.

In East Africa, locusts have devoured whole farms, and in Australia the fires have done the same. Both natural forces are above human boundaries or human rules.

So if boundaries are being breached in the wider world, they may be breaking down in your own life too. It’s worth looking to see if you fit into the pattern. And sometimes that barrier may need to be broken — maybe a few glass ceilings are being shattered.

I note that Shakira’s breakout Lilith performance at the Superbowl was one such personal Saturn-Pluto triumph. The conjunction took place less than one degree from her Mars in the 10th house of career.

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  1. Listened to Demeter George’s talk on asteroids recently. She mentioned Pholus which I had never heard of or if I did it didn’t sink in not surprising. I’ve read a few interesting qualities/rules and virus is one of them. This to a truly great list of indicators Pholus the reason I mention this is I feel it might be impactful to greater illumination of the pattern we are called collectively to discern as it is emerging. Tuning out all the noise and paying attention to your emerging voice might be the best plan for this mercury retro in #Pisces.