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Venus in Taurus: Brooding Passion
When we talk about Venus, we talk about allure. When Venus, the planet of beauty and attraction, is in Taurus, she is in her own sign. Fixed Earth: the sign of full-busting spring in the north, when thoughts turn to what the birds and the bees do. Venus is, of course, the planet of love and [...]
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Dr Elaine Aron’s book The Highly Sensitive Person validates something astrologers have always known — some people are more sensitive than others. Dr Aron puts this figure at about 20% of the population. In other words, it’s perfectly normal, but sensitivity is not always [...]
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Mercury’s Magic Minstrels
Some songwriters are storytellers. Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Ray Davies of the Kinks were all born in the 1940s under a Gemini Sun. Take a look at these charts – the differences are as intriguing as the similarities. Ray Davies, writing about the neighborhood, commenting on the times (3rd [...]
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