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Artist’s Birthday: Arthur Rackham
They say that the best way to see fairies is slantwise, out of the corner of your eye. Twisting, twirling, pirouetting india ink, delighted detail, subtle washes of colour and something sinister: the drawings of Arthur Rackham. Fairies swirl into trees, spin into trolls, spin into wild [...]
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Astrology of Now: Midsummer Night’s Dream
It is indeed a dreamy night tonight, a night to stay up until dawn inventing epics and love stories. Neptune, master of illusions, rises as the Sun moves into Cancer. The two cast a knowing beam to each other through the imaginative, watery signs of Cancer and Pisces. What’s more the [...]
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Virgo Self-Portraits: Perfect Wits
David (30 August 1738) It will come as no surprise to see that the work of artists born under Virgo is consistently detailed, crafted, technically excellent and polished to a wonderful degree. Nor will it surprise you that all these painters could draw beautifully. Ingres (29 August 1780) [...]
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