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On The Beeb
I’ll be on BBC Radio Oxford with Alex Lester today at 3.30 talking about the month of August. Tune in or listen again.  
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On The BBC
I’ll be talking about the solstice, Gemini and Cancer and the romance of July 1 on BBC Radio Oxford this Friday around 3.30pm. You can listen again if you miss it live.  Here is the link to their website. I should be on the radio the first Friday of every month from now on, talking […]
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Astrology of Now: Me & The BBC
I don’t normally write about myself, as you know, but a couple of days ago, two things happened in quick succession. First of all I got a really big check in the post. This was for some portraits that I had drawn last year. I’d not gotten around to invoicing for them, so the check [...]
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La Pensée Sauvage
Lévi- Strauss’s seminal book La Pensee Sauvage is translated into English as the Savage Mind, which is not quite right, of course, and sounds vaguely pejorative. Sauvage means wild, as in the opposite of domesticated. Pensée is thought. So you could read this more as Untamed Thinking. [...]
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