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In the Key of Virgo: Beyoncé
It’s easy to see that Beyoncé must have a powerhouse of planets in the sign of partnership — Libra — after all she is one half (arguably the more glamorous half) of the most powerful marriage in showbiz. She was born on this day, September 4, in 1981 Indeed, Beyoncé has Venus [...]
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The Lonely Sun of Theresa May
Theresa May became Britain’s second woman Prime Minister last summer, because there was no alternative. The rest of them had done each other in. She was the last woman standing, and the country breathed a collective sigh of relief when she stepped into the breach. She seemed capable, calm, [...]
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Blue Hair
Neptune rules fashion and glamour and it’s been interesting to watch what’s happened since he roared into Pisces in 2011. Men rediscovered their inner dandies; women went kind of dishevelled and started dying their hair crazy colours. Neptune in Pisces 2011 -2025 Hair has gone all the shades [...]
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Leo Rising: Hats, Manes, A Turban…
You know about Leo and hair. Big and fluffy, long and flowing: remarkable. The state of the tresses can be a big clue to Leo Rising. But it turns out that hats are good too. And failing that, maybe a wig. You’ll see what I mean… Everyone here has Leo Rising. How to wear a […]
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