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Get Your Mars In Pisces Grooving
Both Mars, the planet of action, an Venus, the planet of love, are currently in Pisces, the sign of Venus’ exaltation. When the lovers of the Zodiac meet — once a year or so — sparks fly. The lovers won’t meet up precisely until they both move into Aries later this [...]
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Enter the Fairy Realm: Venus in Gemini
Steal away with the fairies for the next few months while Venus dances in Gemini “At the beginning of each summer, when the milk-white hawthorn is in bloom, anointing the air with its sweet odour, and miles and miles of golden whin adorn the glens and hill-slopes, the fairies come forth [...]
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Mercury’s Magic Minstrels
Some songwriters are storytellers. Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Ray Davies of the Kinks were all born in the 1940s under a Gemini Sun. Take a look at these charts – the differences are as intriguing as the similarities. Ray Davies, writing about the neighborhood, commenting on the times (3rd [...]
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