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A Talk, A Chat and A Lecture
Hello. Yes, it’s still Mercury Retrograde— and the little planet of speed and thought and communications is still conjunct the planet of electricity Uranus. What is more, Mercury is in “mutual reception” with Mars Gemini. In short, words and ideas are flying along at the speed of Uranus. Who [...]
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Podcast: Obama in Cuba, Roundheads vs Cavaliers, Rebellion, and Baldness
    My good friend Andrea Soole and I discuss the planetary set up for Aries month, Obama’s historic trip to Cuba and hair — or lack thereof. We are still working through some technical stuff, but I hope you enjoy this podcast. You can find Andrea at andreasoole.com.   Cuba [...]
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Experimental Podcast
My friend Andrea and I have been experimenting with microphones over the kitchen table. We’re planning a monthly podcast to broadcast when the Sun changes signs. We made one earlier this month, when the Sun moved into Pisces. Although it’s a bit rough around the edges, I thought I’d publish it [...]
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Open For Discussion: Virtual Vision Webinar
This Sunday, November 15 at 9PM GMT, 1PM PST, I’ll be on Virtual Vision FM, “your platform for all things psychic”, talking to well-known clairvoyant Nina Ashby and friends for an hour or so. It’s a live broadcast and you are welcome to join in. I note that previous [...]
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